Backgrounds and love themes to personalize Windows on Valentine’s Day

One of the most important sections offered by the Microsoft operating system is its level of customization. And one of the sections that we usually customize to our liking is the desktop and its wallpaper, which allows us to work in a more comfortable and relaxed way, causing us to be more productive.

Through the backgrounds and themes we will be able to make Windows have a visual appearance more in line with our tastes so that we feel that we have a computer that is increasingly our own and personalized. And nothing better than being able to configure it to our liking and give it a special touch in a day like valentine and in this way, to be able to surprise our partner.

That is why today we are going to focus on all those Windows users who are in love and want to celebrate this February 14 in a special way, and nothing better for it than decorating our computer with these backgrounds and themes of love for Valentine’s Day.

Themes to celebrate Valentine’s Day

To download love themes for Valentine’s Day we can use a complete website like From here we can download them completely free and which we can access by clicking on this link to your website. This website is characterized by having a extensive store of themes organized by categories, such as games, animes, movies, nature, among others. All themes have a high image quality, and are always constantly updated.

These themes act like a slideshow that changes every 30 minutes along with a Windows color scheme change. To be able to download them We must go down to the bottom of the screen, where it says “Download theme for Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 8.1”. Here, we click just below on the button with a blue background, where the player’s name appears along with the deskthemepack extension. Once downloaded, we only have to double click on the file to enjoy our theme.

Valentines Day Theme

If our favorite day of the year is Valentine’s Day, we can show it through our computer screen with this high-quality theme pack, which is not as corny as others. The wooden panels that can be seen in the background give the entire PC screen a rustic and vintage feel. This theme consists of 19 backgrounds in HD quality and we can free download from this link.

Valentine Theme

They say that there is nothing sweeter than Valentine’s Day and in this case it is not even painted. This sweet and complete pack of love themes can be used to decorate our computer in commemoration of such a special date for all lovers. It consists of 19 HD quality wallpapers where the color red and hearts predominate in all its images. we can download it for free from the website.

Valentine Theme

Fantasy Love Theme

True love is sincere and sometimes rare, but we all want to be loved by another person. We all like to imagine the things we can’t achieve, and so it is with love. When someone does not get to be loved, he imagines it so it becomes a fantasy love. These beautiful fantasy backgrounds show us elves in love, which shows infinite love, as elves live for thousands of years. If we want to give our computer an original touch for Valentine’s Day, we can download this pack of 14 backgrounds in HD quality that we can free download so that the enamored elves illuminate the screen of our computer.

Fantasy Love Theme

I love you Theme

I love you, are the words that we are always wanting to hear from our partner. It can be difficult to hear these words from someone whose love is unrequited, but as long as we are romantics, you will never think ill of these words. That is why it is better to remind your partner how much you love them with this complete theme made up of 13 wallpapers in HD quality, ideal for such a special and romantic day as Valentine’s Day. Download it by clicking on this link your website.

I Love Theme

Love Theme

There is nothing more special and attractive than love, and this is something that we can verify in this pack of themes with which we can decorate our wallpaper for Valentine’s Day. It is equipped with a wide variety of colors that will surely fit in on such a special day. We can show love for our partner and surprise her with these funds related to love. From the different colors that we will see on our screen to the silhouette of the couple that we will see in the middle of the screen, they are ideal to celebrate this day. In total there are 20 wallpapers that make up this theme and that we can download by pressing in this link to your website.

Love Theme

love wallpapers

If we prefer, we can also choose to directly download a wallpaper to celebrate Valentine’s Day from the web alphacoders. These funds can be downloaded up to 4K Ultra HD quality. Next, we leave you a series of examples with their respective download links, so that you can decorate your computer for Valentine’s Day.

Teddy Bear Hearts and Roses

Two key elements to represent Valentine’s Day. A teddy bear and a red rose. This background is ideal for surprisingly decorating our partner’s wallpaper on Valentine’s Day. It is a high quality image with a resolution of 6048×4032 pixels, weighing 22.87 MB in JPG format. we can download it for free from this link to your website.

Teddy Bear Hearts and Roses

Mickey And Minnies Valentine’s Day

Nothing better than celebrating a day as special as Valentine’s Day with a couple from cartoons as classic and endearing as Walt Disney’s Mickey and Minnies. In this ideal background for lovers and lovers of classic drawings with which to decorate our wallpaper on this day. It has a resolution of 1680×050 pixels, a weight of 593.06 kB and is in JPG format. can be downloaded for free clicking on this link.

Mickey And Minnies Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day Candy

A fundamental and essential element that accompanies Valentine’s Day is a box of chocolates. There is no better excuse than Valentine’s Day to be able to escape from everything together with the person we love the most and accompanied by some delicious chocolates with which to decorate the wallpaper of our computer or that of our partner on such a special day. For this we can download this attractive background which has a resolution of 5616×3744 pixels, a weight of 15.87 MB and is available in JPG format.

Valentines Day Candy

Heart made of Roses

If our partner is a flower lover, nothing better than surprising her with this wallpaper with roses of different colors, red and yellow, orange in the shape of a heart that will surely look spectacular as the background of her computer. We can free download this image with a resolution of 3200×2500, a weight of 3.29 MB and in JPG format.

Heart made of Roses