Beer dispensers | The best of 2022

Believe it or not, beer is one of the oldest drinks on the planetif not the oldest ever since, it has been ascertained, already the ancient Egyptians they delighted in its preparation although, as you will imagine, the procedures and preparation differed greatly from modern production techniques. With a similar story, anyway, it is not hard to believe that beer is the most loved and widespread alcoholic beverage on the planetpresent in practically a large part of world cultures, and at the center of a business which, especially in recent years, has also rediscovered its more “humble” originswith an explosion of micro and mini craft breweries that, as you will guess, has done nothing but make beer an even more popular drink.

That’s why we thought that, especially with the arrival of summer, it might please you buy a great beer tapso that even at home you can enjoy what is an experience quite similar to that of a pub, with the advantage of having a pint ready, and at hand, then any eventualityprovided of course that you have stocked up on drums!

Obviously, in advising you which might be the best choices to buy, once again we went back to Amazon which, especially in this sector, seems to be the only valid alternative both for the breadth of the offer and for the prices, on average lower rcompared to other stores specializing in the sale of household appliances and kitchen products. Net of this, at least for now, we have decided not to offer you many products, but to aim directly at the best choices, in what is a list, which in any case, will certainly grow over the next few months!

The best beer taps

Philips HD3720 / 25 Perfect Draft | The uncompromising choice

Philips HD3720 / 25 Perfect Draft

More than a tap, simply a must for any beer lover. An article well known to hop fans and practically recommended everywhere thanks to its combination of quality of materials, fullness of the tapping, cooling system and storage of the keg. Let’s go step by step: very easy to use, Philips HD3720 / 25 Perfect Draft is a dispenser that allows the use of 6 liter beer kegs. A format certainly not easy to find at the supermarket, but certainly perfect for an optimal tasting (and tapping) of beer, also and above all because it is widely used by all the main producers, thus allowing you to vary in the choice. Made largely of plastic and steel, this Philips tap has a technological soul, which constantly monitors the temperature of the beer to optimal maintenance at 3 degrees centigrade, up to a maximum of 30 days. Equipped with a small but clear front display, Perfect Draft it will show you, through it, information such as temperature, quality of beer and remaining days. Compact, elegant and perfect both at home and in a small tavern, the tap Philips HD3720 / 25 Perfect Draft guarantees perfect results, while tapping without the use of carbon dioxide. The only drawback? A cost not really for everyone

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H.Koenig BW1880 | Professional tapping at an affordable price

H.Koenig BW1880

Considered a practically obligatory purchase for every beer lover, the tap H.Koenig BW1880 is firmly placed on the podium of the most popular taps by beer lovers, thanks to his experience of tapping completely similar to that of a pub, being one of the few on the market (at an affordable price) not to rely on the pressure of the beer barrel for tapping, but on special Co2 cartridges which must therefore be purchased separately. Compatible with the typical format of 5 liter drumsthis dispenser will arrive at your home including 3 Co2 cartridgesand will be able to store your beers at an adjustable temperature ranging from a minimum of 2 degrees, to a maximum of 12. Designed to last a long time, it has a cylindrical steel body, an excellent cooling system, and is can be disassembled into different components (including the handle of the plug), to guarantee you one thorough cleaning. Consider that all of this is sold for less than € 150, and you will understand why it is one of the most purchased taps on the market.

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Krups THE SUB | The most compact


I If what you are looking for is a functional but compact tap, the THE SUB by Krups is, almost certainly, what you are looking for! We are talking about a dispenser that, in fact, does not use drums, but refills with a tapered shape, similar to large bottles without neck, containing 2 liters of beer and called “Torps”. It is a tap designed for those who love beer but don’t drink much, and who don’t want to beat themselves up too much to get (and transport) bulky kegs. Torps compatible with the THE SUB they are indeed even present in some supermarkets (such as Carrefour), and are easily available on various online shops enjoying, moreover, the support of well-known brands such as our local Moretti. Comfortable and also very beautiful from a design point of view, THE SUB tap it is available in different colors, and is able to guarantee an optimal temperature even net of its small size, all for a price that, depending on the color chosen, it can even be under € 150!

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Kult Biertower distributor | The party idol

Gadgy Beer Distributor

Ok, this more than a tap it is a dispenser, but we do not feel like saying that we are cheating because, we know well, many of you may simply be looking for something with which to serve beer in a nice and alternative way to your diners or, perhaps, to use in the course of a nice summer barbecue. Here then is that the option offered by Kult meets your needs at a really attractive price: less than 50 €! Sure, it won’t be the most techy item you can have in your home, but with its 2.5 liter capacityand its large compartment designed for ice, and consequent cooling of the beer without the danger of watering down, the Kult Biertower however, he makes himself loved, confirming himself as a precious ally for any party, even by the pool.

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How to choose a dispenser?

The stapler it is certainly one of the most desired products by beer lovers. In fact, lovers of this drink are well aware that the taste of a freshly tapped beer is very different from that of a bottled or canned beer. The reason for this difference is to be found in the operating mechanism of the tap, which makes draft beer more frothy and thicker than bottled beer. But what are the characteristics that a good dispenser must have? First of all we say that the products on the market they all tend to look alike a lotbut there are still some characteristics to take into account, and this not only because the cost of the tap depends on them, but also the way in which it then buys the beer to use.

Cooling down

To enjoy a good beer you need it is available at the right temperature, and this is why it is essential to choose a dispenser that can keep the beer at an optimal temperature, which, moreover, will also extend the shelf life of the product. Generally the tappers proper they shouldn’t give you too many headaches, as almost all of them have, by default, an integrated cooling system which can be either constant or adjustable. The first is a cooling that cannot be set by the userbut it is automatically balanced by the machine when it is switched on, with a temperature that is 4 degrees as a standard for the market, that is enough to store almost any type of beer. The best taps, on the other hand, have an adjustable system, which will allow you to store the beer from a minimum of 2 degrees, to a maximum of 16. Obviously, the fact that a tap has one or the other system is sufficient reason for the price of your tap to rise. In fact, as you will guess, only the best devices have a freely settable system capable of guaranteeing perfect tapping for any type of beer.

Power supply

Since we talked about the delivery and storage methods, we also take the opportunity to talk to you about the power of the taps, which is one of the most difficult to find parameters of these products, at least in the online technical data sheets. Above all, we clarify that a tap must necessarily be powered by electricity, since through energy it is able not only to dispense the beer, but also and above all to keep the temperature of the drink constant. Otherwise we are talking about other products, amicably called “silos” or “towerbeers”, which do nothing but collect liters of beers in a huge container, and then “tap” them through gravity. There is no cold storage, no maintenance of carbon dioxide pressure. They are “party” products, not at all suitable for conservation. Having clarified this, we must now ask ourselves what greater power is used for, and the answer is simple: the greater the supply power, the better the control of the dispersion of carbon dioxide during the tapping phase. In addition to this, greater power also implies that your tap can reach lower temperatures in a range that goes from zero degrees up. A significant advantage, which will allow you to store more types of beer, since, like wine, not all beers should be served at the same temperature.


One of the fulcrums on which your choice may depend is the type of kegs to buy for your tap. Let’s say right away there is a standard, namely the 5-liter keg, it is clear, however, that it cannot be purchased everywhere and it is very difficult, for example, to come across it in the supermarket near the house. Fortunately, services such as Amazon have long had a good choice, even if you often run into the problem of availability, especially if you do not want to opt for the classic “blonde”. Also thanks to the advent of more compact tappers, alternatives to larger kegs were born, such as the “Torps”, or containers in the shape of a plastic bottle, and with a capacity of 2 liters. In any case, before buying your tap, go hunting for kegs to understand, when you have your domestic plug, the level of availability of the beers you love. In the same way it should be considered that there are both pressurized and non-pressurized drums. What is the difference? The former do not require carbon dioxide cartridges to be used, while the latter do. Basically in pressurized drums, carbon dioxide is already present in the stemallowing the beer to be tapped already with its typical carbonation (“bubbles”, in other words) which, as you will understand, means that the longer the beer will remain in the keg, the more likely it is that the tap will be flat and without foam. In non-pressurized kegs, on the other hand, it is the tap that adds carbon dioxidethanks to special disposable cartridges, thus allowing you to always have an optimally tapped glass.

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