Bethesda moves to Steam and says goodbye to its launcher

During the day today, Bethesda has announced the stop to its launcher for PC games. The announcement came via a post, published on the official website and disseminated via the Twitter social network. The most important news obviously concerns the transfer of the games to the new client that will host the past and future games of the publisher and developer, namely Steam, without the need to switch to another launcher.

“We will say goodbye to the Bethesda launcher this year. We want to thank you for your support and reassure you about your games, which are obviously safe “, reads the post launched on the official blog. Clearly the company does not want players to lose the titles they have purchased and has already announced instructions to migrate the entire library to Steam. The start date isn’t there yet, but the publisher and developer talks about early April as a period for operations. “In the first days of April you will be able to begin the migration of your library by following the detailed instructions that we will send you via email”, the blog reads. The migration will also preserve the saves, the virtual currencies used in The Elder Scrolls Online e Fallout 76but clearly it will be necessary to wait for the various details on how the transfer in its entirety will work.

However, switching clients will not exclude the account to access Bethesda services. “Many of our games and services will continue to rely on accounts registered with Bethesda servers. This will allow you to maintain access to mods, in-game elements such as skins and of course access exclusive news and updates ”.

This particular operation will also be accompanied by the return of the US producer’s games on Steam permanently. This means that it will no longer be necessary to have two clients on the PC: in order to continue playing it will only be necessary to log in to your account registered on the publisher and developer server.

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