This Lego-style Poké Ball is beautiful, perfect for display … and it glows! You pay less than 29 €!

If you are passionate about the Pokémon brand and live for games starring the Nintendo “monsters”, then we are sure that this small offer will make you jump out of your seat, because it concerns a really tasty and impactful gadget that you will love to have on your shelves!

We are in fact talking about a set of branded constructions Mega Construxand dedicated to the iconic Pokè Ball! We are therefore talking about a product to be exhibited in the style of the most famous Lego bricks and which, moreover, also includes a small LED kitto give the construction an even more captivating aspect!

Mega Construx Poke BallMega Construx Poke BallMega Construx Poke Ball

The wonderful thing? The price! Because we are talking about a set of about 300 brickssold on Amazon at a price of € 39.99, but today at a discount for only € 28.99! A small but pleasant deal, especially considering the set in question which, evidently designed to follow the footsteps of the LEGO adult lines, is proposed more as an exhibit than a toy.

From the circumference of about 13cmthis set dedicated to Pokè Ball it includes a support for the exhibition and, as mentioned at the beginning, also a small LED kit which allows, by pressing a well hidden button, the switching on of a white light in conjunction with the central disk of the sphere.

Made under license from Nintendo from Mega, this set is just one of the many that the company has dedicated over the years to Pokémon, although it is, at least in our opinion, one of the most beautiful and pleasant to display. In any case, before returning to the product purchase page, we suggest you also take a look at Amazon manufacturer pageif you would like to buy another set dedicated to Pokémon with which to support your new and blocky one Pokè Ball.

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That said, we refer you to the product page, so that you can complete your purchase before the prices return to their original value, but not before having suggested that you also take a look at the Amazon page dedicated to offersso that you can take a look at all the current promotions.

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Buy the Poké Ball Mega Construx for € 28.99 instead of € 39.99discount of 28%

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