Operate the air conditioning remotely, plan charging times, take a selfie or monitor the surroundings from your smartphone. These are just examples of the level of technology that BMW iX reached. That’s why it deserves a dedicated focus!

In the test drive, I had already told you that the technology of this BMW was pushed to the limit so today I show you what I meant!

MY BMW, one of the best mobile applications for management. Just create an account, log in, drive and scan the QR code that will be generated. If you have another BMW it will transfer all data from the old to the new one including the seat position.

The data that can be displayed are many. The main ones obviously concern him state of the car such as opening or closing doors, trunk and windows, tire pressure, scheduled maintenance, and battery level. If the machine is charging it will also tell us the time it takes to finish. Remotely you can open and close the car, turn on i headlights, play the horn, and set the air conditioning.

Always from the app, you can geolocate the car and you can look for the charging stations nearby. The real gem but it is another: remote cameras! Yes, because remotely you have access to all external chambers of the car exactly as when you are on board and thus check what is happening around it. If previously from the car we have given the consent for privacy from the app we will also be able to see the interior of the passenger compartment.

The charge settings and of air conditioning are many. My BMW allows us to decide at what time we want to have the car ready and at what temperature. The charge is obviously limited to a certain percentage such as 70 or 80% so as not to stress the batteries too much when we know that we are not going to use them fully.

Often the car is not connected only to columns but is recharged at home and when this happens you may need to limit its absorption to a limited number of amps. Here, through the app, you can do it and it is very useful.

My BMW doesn’t stop at all these settings and preferences but goes further. It also allows you to plan a trip taking into account the autonomy of the car and indicating the points in which to stop and recharge, the only thing is that the app does not indicate the total time of the journey including stops, which instead happens by consulting the infotainment of the car itself.

Inside the infotainment runs the new operating system from BMW, arrived at version 8, and benefits from the huge touchscreen display. It benefits from this because the size of the display allows you to view multiple screens at the same time, for example seeing the map and keeping track of the car parameters, the weather, or any other widget as the screens are customizable.

If you like the shortcuts and the quick commands you just need to swipe down to access 10 customizable buttons, and every function of the machine, from air conditioning to the radio, to the trim settings can be reflected in one of these 10 icons.

All the charging settings we talked about earlier about the app obviously also apply to infotainment. You can set the maximum charging limit, the maximum amperage to be absorbed, unlock the cable and flap, and program departure times.

Not even the massage seats, always operated and adjustable from the infotainment and equipped with memory.

Also noteworthy is the “Drive Recorder“, Which allows you to record everything that happens on the street from the external cameras. So basically we will have an integrated dash cam in case of an accident.

In short, as you will have understood the settings are infinite, the technology was not spared and the level of customization it’s extreme. We talked about prices, engine, autonomy, recharge, and everything else in this article and video here!

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