BMW M4 Convertible and Coup: AC Schnitzer customizations available

The BMW M4 Convertible and the M4 Coupe have passed under the watchful eye of the tuner AC Schnitzer. The result? A series of components, also sold individually, and body kits capable of making the aesthetics of the two sports cars even more “racing addicted“and researched.

Since its introduction, the BMW 4 Series has represented an excellent combination of aesthetic care and driving dynamism and the care and additions of AC Schnitzer have tried to make this interesting combination stand out even more.

In the tuner shop, interested customers can customize their BMW M4 Convertible and M4 Coupé by increasing the engine power thanks to the introduction of new AC Schnitzer control units ready to improve the delivery and power of German engines.

If then your sports sedan deserves some personalized aesthetic touchthen you will be interested in knowing about the presence of new diffusers for the b-side of your berlinona, capable of incorporating the new tailpipes made available to the most eager customers with fine ears.

It is also possible increase the driving dynamics of the M4 if we opt for the installation of new, more rigid and sporty, shock absorbers and suspensions, while a touch of class could be added by choosing between the new four forged wheels with AC Schnitzer design.

The interior of the passenger compartment can also be embellished. So why not opt ​​for a new steering wheel also composed of Alcantara? Not to mention the new aluminum pedals created and customized by the tuners.

In short, if you rely on the shop by AC Schnitzer, customizing your BMW M4 with the “sky” uncovered or covered, will be child’s play. Just go there on their site and contact the team, specifying which addition you want to make yours.