Cables for iPhone, terrifying price for 3 INDESTRUCTIBLE pieces (€ 5)

IPhone cables with which to charge all your compatible Apple products at a frightening price. No more fear of running out thanks to this pack that gives you three at a ridiculously low price, € 5 just on Amazon and receive them in the blink of an eye.

Available for fast and free shipping throughout Italy thanks to guaranteed Prime services.

Cables for iPhone: no more limits, not even space

There are three iPhone cables that I am offering you and they are all the same except for one feature. Before finding out which one, I’ll tell you right away that I’m from supreme quality and they won’t break even if you apply yourself to it. In fact they are all reinforced so as not to break before ten years of time.

Virtually the entire length is lined with a nylon weave to protect everything inside them. The ends are also solid.

All three are the same, but let me know that they are not the same length. This way each can come in handy on a different occasion. In particular you will find:

  • a long one 0.15 meters;
  • a long one 1 meter;
  • one with a length of 1.8 meters.

Choose the one you prefer and keep the others for different occasions or for when you are in a state of emergency and need a replacement. The shorter one, for example, you can combine it with a power bank for when you are away from home. In these cases, a long cable is of no use to you!

cables for iphone

In any case, I remind you that these three cables for iPhone can be found precisely su Amazon, at the small price of 5.09 €, a real bargain. Buy them immediately and receive them at home in one or two days without paying even one euro more thanks to Prime services.

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