The Panini Marvel, Panini Comics and Panini Disney releases on February 24, 2022

Through its official website, Panini Comics has published the Panini Marvel Italia, Panini Comics and Panini Disney releases on February 24, 2022. To report Nomen Omen Omnia, Wizards of Mickey – Clash of the Titans! And X-Men: The Magneto Trial 4.

Panini Marvel Panini Comics and Panini Disney releases on February 24, 2022

The Panini Marvel Italia, Panini Comics and Panini Disney releases on February 24, 2022

The Panini Marvel releases on February 24, 2022

Savage Avengers 27
Authors: Patrick Zircher, Gerry Duggan
Format: 17 × 26, 24 pages, color, S.
Contains: Savage Avengers (2019) # 26
Price: € 3.00

The last of the Savage Avengers! Kulan Gath has made a clean sweep of all his enemies… except one! However, it is not just – so to speak … – to defeat an almost omnipotent opponent, but to change history. The die is cast, the most desperate of plans has been set in motion. Will it be enough to save the Earth?

Captain Marvel 26
Authors: Kelly Thompson, Sergio Fernandez Davila
Format: 17 × 26, 48 pages, color, S.
Contains: Captain Marvel (2019) # 33/34
Price: € 5.00

All the heroes who have had the word “Marvel” in the battle name are under attack! First it was Carol Danvers’ turn, and now in the center of the sights is the youngest of them all: Ms. Marvel! Will Captain Marvel save Kamala Khan before it’s too late? And most importantly, what are the true intentions of the evil Vox Supreme?

Marvel Integrale: Spider-Man by JM DeMatteis 13
Authors: JM DeMatteis, Sal Buscema
Format: 16 × 21, 96 pages, color, B.
Contains: Spectacular Spider-Man (1976) # 195/197
Price: € 4.90

The Death of Vermin ends with the return of Baron Zemo! Here begins a trilogy with the original X-Men and… Professor Power! And if you thought the latter was a featherweight, get ready to change your mind! Another masterful shot by the award-winning author duo of The Child Inside!

New Mutants 20
Authors: Rod Reis, Vita Ayala
Format: 17 × 26, 32 pages, color, S.
Contains: New Mutants (2019) # 23
Price: € 3.00

Magik, Dani, Warpath and the rest of the team realize that perhaps cornering Amahl Farouk wasn’t the wisest of moves! Will they survive the shadow king’s grip? Or will it be up to Anole, Cosmar, No-Girl, Rain Boy and Scout to get them out of trouble? After this issue the New Mutants will never be the same!

X-Men: The Magneto Trial 4
Authors: Leah Williams, David Messina, Steve Orlando, Lucas Werneck, AA.VV.
Format: 17 × 26, 32 pages, color, S.
Contains: X-Men: The Trial of Magneto (2021) # 4, Marvel’s Voices: Pride (2021) # 1 (XIII)
Price: € 3.00

Penultimate appointment with the miniseries that redefines Magneto and Scarlet! At this point the question everyone is asking is… Is Wanda Maximoff really dead? And if so, who killed her? And who is sending indestructible monsters against Krakoa? In the appendix, a story of Daken with the debut of a new character.

Amazing Spider-Man 80
Authors: Kelly Thompson, Zeb Wells, Patrick Gleason, Sara Pichelli
Format: 17 × 26, 48 pages, color, S.
Contains: Amazing Spider-Man (2021) # 76/77
Price: € 5.00

Second chapter of Beyond, and Peter Parker is already… dying ?! The Beyond Corporation has a spare Spidey, however, and it’s a clone! What do Dr. Kafka and the Daughters of the Dragon have to do with all this? Also, straight from the pages of the Hulk… the U-Foes!

The Panini Comics releases of 24 February 2022

Nomen Omen Omnia
Authors: Marco B. Bucci, Jacopo Camagni
Format: 17 × 26, pages 448, color, C.
Contains: Nomen Omen voll. 1/3, Nomen Omen: Chapter Zero, Nomen Omen: Interlude, Nomen Omen: Post Mortem
Price: € 39.00

Panini Marvel Panini Comics and Panini Disney releases on February 24, 2022
Panini Marvel Panini Comics and Panini Disney releases on February 24, 2022

The definitive edition of the urban fantasy saga that has bewitched the world! Embellished with an ultra-pop cover, this volume contains not only the three main chapters of Nomen Omen, but also the side-stories present in the three unobtainable special albums. And that’s not all: Becky Kumar’s adventure is presented in the extended version, which appeared in the American books published by Image Comics. A real creator’s cut with over twenty unpublished pages in Italy that guarantees a whole new reading experience even for longtime fans. The tome is completed by the gallery with all the covers of the American edition made by some of the greatest designers in the world, including Olivier Coipel, Sara Pichelli, Brandon Graham, Matteo Scalera, David Lopez, Mahmud Asrar and Mirka Andolfo.

Asterix and the Laurels of Caesar
Authors: René Goscinny, Albert Uderzo
Format: 21.8 × 28.7, 48 pages, color, B.
Contains: Les Lauriers de César
Price: € 6.90

Ahh … what could be better than a nice ragù simmered with bay leaves? Just a nice ragù left to simmer with bay leaves… from Caesar’s crown! A hilarious episode in which Asterix and Obelix will have a hard time… and raw!

The Panini Disney releases on February 24, 2022

Wizards of Mickey – Clash of the Titans!
Authors: Lorenzo Pastrovicchio, Luca Barbieri
Format: 20.5 × 28, 48 pages, color, C.
Price: € 10.00

The latest, exciting chapter in the Forbidden Kingdom saga! For the Wizards of Mickey the time has come for the final battle… Everyone has a good reason to fight: discord is back on the wave of secrets, betrayals and revenge, and everyone thinks they are right. To face the terrifying threat that looms over the world and restore balance and peace, Mickey and his magical team will have to understand the real meaning of Nibiru’s prophecy …

Mickey Mouse 3457 With Mickey Mouse of Minnie
Authors: AA.VV.
Format: 13.9 × 18.6, 160 pages, color, B.
Price: € 3.20

Mice & Dollars With Black Spot’s Topodollar
Authors: AA.VV.
Format: 14 × 18.6, 96 pages, color, B.
Price: € 4.50

A volume with Mickey Mouse as protagonist, flanked by Gambadilegno and all those supporting actors who most show “interest” in city dollars. Scammers, thieves and robberies in the beautiful Mickey Mouse and the gangsters, designed by Maestro Sandro Dossi and published for the first time in March 1987. The volume also includes Gambadilegno and robbery at all costs, with a holiday enlivened by a game of “cops and thieves “.

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