Call of Duty: a stand-alone experience could come out in 2023

The news arrived a few days ago, regarding the abandonment of the annual release for the Call of Duty franchise, has not a little shaken the many fans of the FPS. To date, however, it is difficult to try to understand how the popular Activision saga will evolve, but what it seems is that, after the recent acquisition of the company by Microsoft, many of the internal plans on its franchises have changed from the past.

Although to date there is no coherent and official information on what the Call of Duty will be arriving in 2024, there are those who already seem to want to go against the recent statements, revealing that in 2023 a stand-alone game of the well-known FPS franchise will still be released. . According to the recent post published on Twitter by the user known as “Call of Duty MWII News” it was stated that in 2023 a stand-alone title on COD Zombie mode.

The interesting thing is that this title is expected to be released in the form of free-to-play, exactly as happened with Warzone and its sequel potentially arriving later this year. Even the same account underlines that this rumor remains such, but if everything were to find official confirmation in the coming months it would be another bang for the first person shooter saga.

For the moment we know that the Activision studios involved in the development of Call of Duty are working on the aforementioned Warzone 2 and the follow-up to the more recent Modern Warfare. Both experiences are expected to hit the market over the course of next autumn, but as far as the next few years are concerned, the company’s plans are still in the dark.

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