Dark Souls | The best gadgets of 2022

Souls lovers, this article is for you! We spent some time online and selected some of the most interesting themed gadgets, official products and third-party brands. If you usually follow our pages, you will have noticed a massive presence of articles of this kind, which we are allocating to some of the most well-known franchises in the videogame panorama. And it is the case of Demon’s Souls and the subgenre it created, the Souls-Like, now depopulated everywhere with valid interpretations and good level games.

That said, in this guide you will find many good reasons to enrich your Souls-themed collection, from action figures, t-shirts, mugs and funko pops. Lots, lots of variety, so that you can choose the gadgets that best suit your needs, even the space. Before you go shopping, though, you should also take a look at the best gadgets on The Witcher and the best gadgets on Metal Gear Solid. Now we can start!

Best Souls Gadgets

Action Figure characters

Generic photos
Generic photos

If you are a fan of Dark Souls, you already know it: some NPCs, just like some bosses, have become incredibly iconic, and all of us fans jealously cherish the memories associated with them. Obviously, to name a few, we are talking about Knight Onion, Solaire and Artorias. What we want to offer you, in fact, are the statues of these characters, so that you can exhibit them and expand your collection.

The statues are quite classic in their format: they have a comfortable pedestal that will allow you to place them on any flat surface and, in terms of height, they range from 10 to 18cm. Obviously, the pose of the different characters will be different, unforgettable, for example, that of Solaire, with his arms stretched upwards.

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Bonfire Action Figure

Generic photos
Generic photos

Is there anything more iconic? Let’s face it: the sword stuck in the bonfire is among the symbolic images of the last ten years, as well as a characteristic element and a reference to the Souls series. Not surprisingly, we also find it in many very famous video games, think of Assassin’s Creed or Zelda, which over the years have honored Dark Souls with some nice easter eggs.

Coming to the statue itself, there is very little to say: although it is quite classic, it is beautiful and iconic at the same time, absolutely inevitable for any fan of the series, or of the sub-genre you have all heard of, or the Souls- Like.

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Generic photos
Generic photos

Dressing up nerd is always nice, especially if you are passionate. Well, these t-shirts, all absolutely official and distributed by Bandai Namnco, are perfect for showing off your passion for this franchise, as well as very suitable for shooting themed videos or embarking on a live stream. We have selected several and we believe they are all quite emblematic: from the well-known Prise the sun, to the very famous Onion Knight. There is, of course, a t-shirt that depicts only the name of the game, without particular designs, for all those who love minimal products.

Prise the sun t-shirt
Lest this land swallow you whole t-shirt
Onion Knight T-shirt
Dark Souls T-Shirt


Generic photos
Generic photos

Is there an object more useful than a cup (even the one in the bathroom, but this is not the case)? Seriously, whether it’s summer or winter, sipping something in all serenity is always nice. It is even more so if our hot chocolates or cups of coffee are poured into them beautiful Souls themed mugs, which feature some of the most well-known and dearest characters to fans. For you, we have selected four, then decide which is the most akin to your tastes, from the classic “You Die” lettering to the beautiful and emblematic bonfire.

You Die mug
Onion Knight Mug
Solaire and Knight onion cup
Bonfire mug

Funko pop

Generic photos
Generic photos

Ok, ok, we already hear you, what does Sekiro have to do with it? He is not a Souls-Like! You’re right, we tell you, but the fan base is more or less the same, and while we were desperately looking for a funko pop to recommend we stumbled upon this beautiful gadget! You will have recognized it, portrays the Wolf, the protagonist of Sekiro, complete with unsheathed Katana, scabbard and classic suite. What to say? If you like Sekiro you should immediately make this figurine yours, especially considering the affordable price.

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What are the Souls?

Despite being some of the most influential video games of the last decade, the question is legitimate. Well, are action RPGs created by From Software in 2009 exclusively for PlayStation 3, with the video game Demon’s Souls. Later, especially with the arrival of Dark Souls, they became very famous among the players, and began to blossom many small communities of fans who discussed how to beat a certain boss or which were the most suitable builds. From there, the success increased production after production, and as reiterated at the beginning of the article, several “clones” were also born that today players call Souls-Like. In essence, therefore, these complex RPGs, arrived at a time when video games were gradually becoming simpler, again cleared the high difficultyalso pushing completely different productions to focus on a more pronounced difficulty.

Are they that difficult?

You will have heard of all the colors, and perhaps you will have even been discouraged to the point of detesting even the idea of ​​buying one. That’s right, From Software games they are not among the easiest on the market, but it is also true that they are not the most brutal example that is possible to come up with when we think of the most demanding titles. Games like Super Meet Boy, for example, we are sure would piss you off a lot more, as they require a patience unrelated even to the lords of From Software. The truth, therefore, at least from our point of view, is that the Souls are indeed difficult, but also quite affordable, and therefore you shouldn’t fear them so much, unless you don’t get along with their genre at all, that we remember being linked to the action RPG. In addition, especially nowadays when we live connected at 360 degrees, you will also find publications such as ours or many content creators on Twitch or YouTube to help you. So, come on, start them if you like the genre.

Our pick of Souls gadgets

As reiterated at the beginning, we have worked the various online shops well, so as to vary our selection of gadgets as much as possible. Indeed, we have selected several statues, t-shirts, mugs and a beautiful funko pop by Sekiro. All products quite affordable in price and rather contained in size, so that they can be exhibited with greater serenity. We therefore hope you will be able to find something that is right for you and that can expand your – we wish you – already large collection, perhaps just waiting to get your hands on that giant known as Elden Ring.