Destiny 2: The Queen of Whispers, let’s see the Collector’s Edition together

Lorenzo Delli

The Collector’s Edition Of Destiny 2 they are always very special. They aim to impress fans not with bombastic action figures or replica helmets and weapons, but with distinctive elements of the game’s lore, and often with content as well. “mysterious”.

That de The Queen of Whispersthe new expansion of Destiny 2 available from 22 February, makes no exceptions. It would seem to be the great protagonist of the Collector’s packaging Specter of the Shining Brood. As you may know, in the new expansion we will find ourselves facing the Shining Brood, a hive that not only knows how to harness the powers of the Light, but also has a version of the ghosts similar to those of the guardians.

But the Specter isn’t Collector’s only showpiece. Immediately below we find a replica of one Psychometer, a mysterious device which, when powered by electricity, reacts to the objects inside the collector’s package. There are a series of knobs to adjust to steal the secrets of some of the Collector’s components, such as the Specter itself or even a blueprint of one of the new weapons in this expansion. We show you everything in the Reels which you find below.

At the moment the Collector’s Edition (without game code) is out of stock on the official Bungie store, but will be back on sale starting in March. If you are interested there is the form to leave your email address and be notified of availability. You find it on the product purchase page. Here is the content:

  • Destiny 2: Queen of the Storms Digital Soundtrack
  • Replica of a psychometer, with lights and sounds
  • Spectrum of the Shining Brood with stand
  • Hidden ID Badge
  • Lenticular Reveal Card
  • The hidden dossier
  • Exclusive emblems