Iliad, the commercial on the fiber blocked: what happened?

New chapter of the feud between Iliad Italy And Wind Tre SpA At the center of the dispute, this time, there is the Iliad commercial that advertises the birth of Iliad box, “The clear and round fiber with speeds up to 5 gigabytes per second in total”. For Iliad mobile users, the cost is 15.99 euros / month; for everyone else, 23.99 euros / month.

The message of the advertisement would seem clear, but the He swore he judges it anyway “In contrast with art. 2 CA “that means “misleading”.

The precise reasons are still unknown. The Iliad representatives themselves expressed astonishment at the sentence: “We are very surprised by the intervention of the Jury following the request presented by one of our competitors, since, as always, we communicate the characteristics of our offers with the utmost transparency. We are waiting to know the reasons for this provision to understand it and evaluate any actions “.

The first hypothesis is that the dispute refers to the price of the offer, € 15.99 alone for Iliad customers. However, this limitation is clearly expressed in the final part of the commercial, so the hypothesis is to be discarded.

According to others, the critical point is the information relating to the speed: 5Gbit / s “overall”, which means “Up to 2.5Gbit / s on 1 Ethernet port, up to 1Gbit / s on 2 Ethernet ports, up to 0.5Gbit / s in Wi-Fi”. This part had already been the subject of a report sent to AGCOM by Adiconsum, as the message would be incomprehensible to the average user and the data difficult to compare with the offer of the other operators.

It is not the first time that Wind Tre has suspended an Iliad commercial. It had already happened in October: following the action, Iliad had reciprocated by signaling a Wind Tre commercial (also blocked).

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