Diablo Immortal, confirmed arrival in 2022 with changes suggested by players

There closed beta of Diablo Immortal ended in early January 2022 and now Blizzard is outlining all changes that will come to the RPG mobile following the player feedback.

In a new blog post on Blizzard, the game director of Diablo Immortal Wyatt Cheng states that the game should arrive in 2022 and, when it arrives, it will present a series of improvements and adjustments based on player feedback since closed beta. The list of changes covers multiple aspects of the game, ranging from social mechanics and in-game purchases to character progression and controller support.

Blizzard is adapting the daily bounty system of the game so that they are for individual playersbut since the company still wants players to get together (the game being a MMO), is making changes to the Warbands system, expanding it to support eight players.

Although Diablo Immortal will be free-to-playwill include optional purchases, such as a Battle Pass and other in-app purchases. Cheng writes that players in the beta seemed to find the Battle Pass a good value, but the team will be looking into other microtransactions such as the Gift of Abundance. It is also included in the blog post an analysis of some of the various game systems that will be modifiedlike the World Paragon, and changes to the system are also coming Endgame PvPthe Cycle of Strife.

Diablo Immortal doesn’t currently have one specific release date for 2022but it could include a never-before-seen Diablo class, the Blood Knight. Diablo IVmeanwhile, has no official release date following a delay, but is expected to arrive in 2023. For more information, here the official site.