Honda S2000, restomod brings it to 500 hp with Tesla engine

We like electric cars around here, that’s undeniable, and we like them even more restomodthose restoration operations of cars of historical value that are modified to transform them into a100% electric car: in recent months we have told you about several projects of this type, often based on vehicles of important dimensions such as old off-road vehicles, while today’s project is much more anomalous, and is based on a Honda S2000.

The car that you give 1998 made many fans dream thanks to his 240 horsepower VTEC enginethe car that today is slowly becoming a cult and collector’s item, has been turned upside down to mount the electric motor of a Tesla and double the available cavalry.

The project was carried out by Rywire Motorsport Electronicsa Californian company that has decided to take one Honda S2000 in white color and to upset it in all respects: the car, in fact, has not only been modified in its fuel system, but also in terms of aesthetics to give it a more futuristic look and more like the electric cars we see on our roads today.

Honda S2000 restomod

As you can see from the video that we report below, the car was equipped with caerodynamic alloy wheels which reduce turbulence and therefore improve autonomy, and sports a new front bumper with small oval holes. As anticipated at the beginning, on a technical level the Honda S2000 is powered by a 500 horsepower Tesla enginepowered by two battery packs taken from a Chevrolet Volt which together can store 32 kWh – enough, according to what has been leaked, to travel about 200 km of road; the whole is complemented by a revised suspension compartment given the weight increase, with Ohlins adjustable shock absorbers.

Honda S2000 restomod

The project is certainly controversial and we are sure that many will have to complain, but it is always fascinating to see what can be done in the restomod projects.