Double discount on this gaming chair! Comfortable and ergonomic, it’s a bargain!

If you have created a gaming station but you are still undecided on which gaming chair to buy, Amazon takes away any doubts by discounting a model of excellent quality and full of accessories.

Amazon’s proposal involves the MFavour brandwhich produces gaming chairs with the typical polyurethane material, with characteristics similar to animal skin, but with back angles and cushions thickness wider than average. The price of this model, with red and black shades, is normally € 169.99, but Amazon is giving it a special treatment, offering it today with a double discountwhich brings down the price first by an appreciable € 20 and then by a further € 10 via coupon, the latter valid for today only. The final price of this gaming chair will therefore be € 139.99, a pretty good figure for a solution that combines quality, style and comfort.

We are also talking about a complete gaming chair full of accessories, among which they stand out the headrest and lumbar cushions, which will help you stay seated in the right position, reducing ligament tension and relieving lower back pain that may arise when sitting for too long. A perfect chair therefore for offices but above all for gaming, since the design is designed to match the rest of the gaming station.

Among the most important features of this gaming chair then there are the 8 cm adjustable armrests, the rocking function up to 20 ° and obviously the possibility of adjusting the height, the latter up to a maximum of 10cm. The numerous adjustments will ensure that the chair adapts to every physical shape and will prove sturdy even for the heaviest subjects, since it supports up to 135Kg. The synthetic materials, in addition to being resistant, will allow you to clean the chair with enormous ease, making it an excellent partner for your play sessions.

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Buy MFavour gaming chair for € 139.99 instead of € 169.99discount of 30 €

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