PlayStation Spartacus: Sony’s answer to Game Pass punter on classic games

Sony he’s working on his new subscription service which should unify PlayStation Plus And PlayStation Now under a single flag, that of Project Spartacus that is, the code name by which the next service is known. The reconstructions in recent months have made it clear that the launch of the platform is very close, starting with the removal of the PS Now cards from the UK, but in the last few hours they have emerged further details about the strategy that Sony will adopt for its platform and beyond.


He thought about revealing the latest rumors Jeff Grub during the last episode of GrubbSnaxthe premium podcast of Giantbombin which the journalist of VentureBeat reported the information in his possession regarding Spartacus. Let’s start by underlining how, according to Grubb, the service is now very close to launch and that there could be news as early as the end of the month. For Announcements Grubb does not necessarily mean a public announcement, but the achievement of some milestone within the development team, which should subsequently lead to the actual formalization of the service.

As for what Sony intends to offer, the reporter reports that Spartacus will be proposed in 3 different tiers of 10, 13 and 16 dollars. Probably the basic subscription will not differ from what is offered today with PlayStation Plus, namely access to a catalog of games renewed on a monthly basis, online features, cloud ones and exclusive discounts, while the $ 13 and $ 16 plans will focus on integrating PlayStation Now features and beyond.

Reportedly, only the $ 16 plan will also include access to cloud gamingwhile even the $ 13 one will allow you to access the wide catalog of classic games downloadable. We talk about 300 titles which can be run locally on PS5 (and probably PS4 as well) that will focus primarily on the great glories of the past of PlayStation. We remind you that these are titles that can be executed locally (streaming only on the $ 16 plan), so this means that PS5 could emulate games PS3instead of streaming them as it happens now on PS Now, as emerged from the latest rumors coming directly from the PS Store.


But the real point of subscription is whether or not you can access new games on day one, especially with regard to Sony’s exclusive first parties. This is in fact the real workhorse of Xbox Game Pass, which offers its subscribers immediate access to all Microsoft exclusives and to various third-party titles with which the Redmond company manages to sign agreements in this regard.

Grubb states that Sony shouldn’t offer anything like thisgoing instead to propose one solution much closer to that of EA Play. The rumors speak of the possibility of accessing real ones extended demos of new games, being able to download full versions of all Sony titles that are likely to have a time limit for their use. We are therefore not talking about full access to games, but about a wide free trialat least according to what emerges from the rumors.

We remember in fact that all these are speculations reported by Grubb – who, however, declares himself very certain of what he says – but that have not yet been reflected in any official confirmation or denial from Sony. To find out what Spartacus’ real offer will be – and its trade name – we will have to wait for its presentation which should take place over the next few weeks.