EiDF Solar: The Meats region installs a 1.5 MW photovoltaic plant

La Comarca Meats, a meat company belonging to the La Comarca Food Group holding company, will reinforce its environmental commitment with the installation of a 1.5 MW photovoltaic plant for industrial self-consumption. Thanks to the placement of more than 2,800 solar panels on your roof, which will capture solar radiation to convert it into energy, you will be able to reduce your carbon footprint and significantly reduce your energy costs. Specifically, the company will be able to cover 24% of its energy needs, derived from the automation processes for cutting, processing and storing meat, with solar energy generated on its roof.

The self-consumption plant will occupy 7,231 m2 of the factory’s roof. The estimated production is 2,410,648 kWh, equivalent to the consumption of more than 645 homes. The company, through the use of clean energy, will improve its sustainability by eliminating the emission of 684 tons of CO2 per year. This saving is similar to the planting of more than 60,000 trees. With this action, La Comarca Meats advances in its environmental plan based on reducing the consumption of natural resources and minimizing the impact of its activity on the environment.

The company EiDF Solar, specialized in photovoltaic solar energy projects for companies, will be responsible for executing and operating said installation. Under a turnkey service, EiDF Solar will carry out the engineering, installation, administrative-legal processing and maintenance work. Works are expected to begin in the coming weeks.

EiDF Solar has developed multiple installations for companies in the Region of Murcia, among which Primafrío, Urcisol, Agropor or Almendras Pliego stand out.