Van Halen’s guitars are about to enter the metaverse

Eddie Van Halen was a musician and composer for the US rock band Van Halen, co-founded with his brother Alex, who was a drummer. Eddie Van Halen passed away in October 2020 after a long battle with cancer. The music he produced is loved by many. In order to preserve and keep alive the essence of his passion, one of Hollywood’s popular underground rock and roll lounges, the House of Petals, will make its metaverse debut with Eddie’s NFT Guitar Collection. This is more than just a virtual collection as it is supported by authentic custom guitars.

These tools are priceless and memorable as they were from the great Eddie Van Halen. These NFTs are not only physical objects, but they also offer participants many amazing benefits. Special venues, numerous events, greenroom hangouts with many artists, players, influencers and various other perks will be released shortly after release.

“This is the core culture and the very soul of the project,” Joey said. “I want to bring back some of that feeling of love and collaboration, that raw creative energy that really fuels the world of art and music. I want to give it to people in this amazing new way ”.

Duquan Brown of Future Media, head of marketing for the HOP project born out of the music industry, focuses on establishing the legacy and art of music in the metaverse and this is the sense that has guided him in this project.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these NFTs will go towards building a community for rock fans. This will be achieved by investing in the House of Petals and making it the home of Rock’n Roll. The goal is to ensure that fans have a place to share their love of good music.

Rock was an integral part of Eddie’s life, but he also had a mission for cancer research and treatment. In honor of him, a portion of his NFTs will be donated to City of Hope. The rest of the proceeds will go to music lessons for disadvantaged music students.