Elden Ring, first-rate reviews: one of the best ever on Metacritic

The heart is that of the darkness of the Souls, in style, storytelling and gameplay. But the pace is that of the adventure and discovery of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, the Nintendo masterpiece that revolutionized the open-world genre in 2017. In short, the conditions for a masterpiece are all there. And it just looks like that with Elden Ringhis most ambitious work ever, From Software has hit the mark.

The game will be out very soon, on Friday February 25but the first reviews are already online. And the impact of the title with the international press is dreamlike, as evidenced by the scores on Metacritic. The PS5 version of the game is the one that currently has the most reviews: a total of 44, of which 24 (more than half) culminate in the maximum score, 100. The total average, for now, is 97: a result that allows him to hook that Breath of The Wild mentioned at the beginning with an ex-aequo.

On PC and Xbox, things are still fine: average total score of 95 in both cases starting from 36 and 8 reviews respectively. If things go ahead at this rate, Elden Ring therefore risks imprinting its name in fire characters in the history of the medium, and standing out as one of the best video games ever.

Of course, a very important part of the game is still to be played: that is, contact with the public. Also because the community of Souls aficionados is particularly fussy.

The saga based its fame on difficulty, but in an open-world environment you cannot continually stress the player with constantly deadly threats: you need to make him breathe, prepare, create the conditions for him to enjoy exploration, cultivate curiosity, question himself. and relax, and not remain in a state of perpetual tension. And therefore the “purist” fringe of the fans, in this sense, could possibly have something to say: but it seems that From Software has left few holds for its detractors, developing an adventure that balances all its components well and finds the difficult balance between the nightmare and the dream. Polish the pads and stretch your fingers: the doors of the Interregnum are about to open.