Tempered glass, in one move you save the tablet: 2 pieces a few euros

Changing the tablet display costs you as much as buying a new device. Nowadays it is difficult that we can only break the cover glass because the further we go, the more the models become slim and delicate. To remedy the problem, all you have to do is buy a tempered glass. It’s like a film but much more resistant, in two seconds you mount it and sacrifice nothing. Your device works as usual but is safe from falls and bumps. This pack that I recommend is crazy because it contains two – glass – inside and is almost universal. Only requirement to have a 10 or 10.1 inch tablet.

By checking the coupon on Amazon become yours with € 14.93, negligible price compared to the invoice of the service center. What are you waiting for? Shipments are fast and free throughout Italy.

Unlimited tempered glass: universal and perfect for your tablet

In other words, I have already told you what a tempered glass is for. If you didn’t think about it when you bought the tablet, now you can assemble it in a matter of seconds. Inside the package you find two so you have a spare one right away and you don’t run the risk of scratching the display of your device or breaking it while walking around the house.

Slightly rounded edges, does not sacrifice the ultra slim look and modern of the product you have. In fact, it adapts perfectly, protecting it from scratches, blows, bumps, jewels and so on.

tempered glass

As I told you it is universal because it adapts to 10 and 10.1 inch tablets. In exchange for protection he does not make you sacrifice anything at all because it is calso compatible with the most advanced technologies like the fingerprint reader below the display.

A great purchase that you should consider. Buy your two-piece pack to protect your tablet with excellent tempered glass. With the coupon on Amazon you both pay just € 14.93. Shipments? Thanks to the Prime services they are free and fast throughout Italy.

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