Elden Ring | How to level up quickly

As in any title belonging to the Souls category, also in Elden Ring it will be important level to improve your stats as much as possible. You can level anywhere but there are areas that are better than others and they will get you tons of experience points in no time. So here it is how to level up fast in Elden Ring to enhance each parameter in the best possible way.

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How to get experience in Elden Ring fast (early game)

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There are already tons of videos and methods out there for you to gain experience and level up quickly. Some even promise to climb 10 levels in 10 minutes on Elden Ring. The truth is, all of this video and methods aren’t really as performing as they promise. Now, after such a premise you will also be reluctant to trust the method I will describe below. But trust me because I will reveal to you a way to get 1000 XP in a matter of seconds and over 50,000 experience points in less than an hour. All you have to do is follow the next steps:

  • Go to the place of grace Marika Third Church at Sepolcride. You’ll find the church northeast of Sepolcride, just north of The Witchwood;
  • Rest in the place of grace, then call Stream and leave the church;
  • In the clearing in front of it you will see a giant which can scare but that if hit while remaining on horseback can be knocked down in less than 15 seconds;
  • The giant will provide you well 1000 XP points;
  • Now all you have to do is go back to the place of grace, rest and repeat the procedure.

The first few times it will be difficult to take down the giant, especially if you go there as soon as you start the game. But with some forethought you will be able to knock it down even at the first levels and, every time you strengthen yourself, it will be easier to take it down and it will take less and less time. If you need quickly gain experience in Elden Ring you will not find a better place for both the early stages and the slightly more advanced ones.

Gain experience by duplicating memories

If your main goal is to level up and you don’t care about some of the weapons in the game, you can take advantage of memories to gain mountains of experience. These particular items that are obtained after defeating the bosses holding the Major Runes can be both exploited by the character of the Legit at the Round Table to provide you with some armaments, and sold for 20,000+ runes. It is not over here, however, because thanks to the Wandering Mausoleums you can duplicate the remembrances to get double the runes or, in case you are interested in the objects of the Legitimacy, both objects.

What are the Elden Ring Wandering Mausoleums and where to find them

Elden Ring

THE Wandering Mausoleums it’s those huge buildings on legs with the bell underneath that have been seen multiple times in game trailers. There are in total 6 and, once broken down, they can be used to duplicate remembrances. They are not bosses or enemies, so taking them down will be super easy. Enough get close to their paws and remove (by striking with the sword) all that whitish substance that they have attached to their base. Completely removed from a pair of legs, the Mausoleum will begin to collapse. Move to make him fall to the ground and then enter to duplicate the remembrance.

If you are looking for them you can find them in the following locations:

  • 1x in the Wailing Peninsula, in the open space to the south-east;
  • 1 x in Lake Liurnia, north-east;
  • 2x in the Mausoleum Complex, on the eastern shore of Lake Liurnia;
  • 1x immediately outside Castel Sol in the Giants’ Summits;
  • 1x in the Lands of the Holy Tree of Miqhella.

Attention! Remember that you can duplicate a remembrance only once.