Elden Ring, the Complete Guide

Welcome to Senzaluce complete guide Of Elden Ring, the richest you can find in Italy. In this gigantic solution we will see how to deal with the main storyline of the game, how to unlock maps, what are the best methods to take down bosses, how to get trophies and achievements, how to satisfy the requests of secondary characters and much more to help you complete Elden Ring 100%.


Here is all the content you can find in our Elden Ring strategy guide:

Complete solution to the Elden Ring story

After choosing your class and completing the tutorial, take a few minutes to unlock the first section of the Sepulcris map and then go on an adventure!

Elden Ring is a game full of things to do, side activities, alternate bosses and items to find. In this section of our guide, however, we will deal “only” with a complete walktrough of the game, so very trivially of what to do to proceed in the main storyline of Elden Ring.


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Once you pass the tutorial you will find yourself at Sepulchrid and to proceed in the story you will have to go to the Grantempesta Castle which is located a little further north on the map. All you have to do is follow the main road to the north and, upon reaching the Ruins in front of the Gate, turn left and proceed to Colle Tempesta to continue left again and reach the castle.

On the way you will find several places of grace (the bonfires of the game to be clear). Remember to rest each of them both to unlock the rapid transport to that precise place of grace and to get to know Melina. This secondary character will in fact provide you with your magical mount, Stream, with which the movements will become easier. It will also take you to the Panel discussiona real hub of rest, what in Bloodborne was the Hunter’s Dream.

If you follow the beams of yellow light that come out of these first places of grace you will arrive without problems at the place of grace called Corridor to the Castle. The road outside is paved with guards but thanks to Torrente you can avoid them without problems. At this point, one of the first big bosses of the game (also called Powerful Enemies to distinguish them from all the other numerous bosses present a little everywhere). Before facing it, it will be very useful to buy from the merchant Kalé, who you will find at the place of grace Church of Elleh, the Kit from Creation (300 runes) which you will need to be able to create the items. It is also useful to buy the Bell Summons Spirits (100 runes) from the Remnants of Legitimacy to the Round Table to summon the ashes of the spirits and help you in battle.

Margit, the Relentless Omen

To continue in the plot you will then have to go up from the Corridor to the Castle and break down Margit, the Relentless Omen. A real tough nut to crack if you’ve got a close combat character. We refer you to the Boss guide for a more precise strategy.

Grantempesta Castle

All the photos of the complete guide of Elden Ring
Elden Ring Complete Guide

Defeated Margit you will be able to access one of the largest areas of the game that are not found in the overworld and that resemble an entire level of Bloodborne. The goal is to cross the whole area and get to the final boss. Below all the steps to take to cross the Castle of Grantempesta unscathed.

  • Arrived at the door, turn left and talk to the Guardian who will advise you to go through the hole in the wall, say yes and continue;
  • Cross the rocky path until you reach the first place of grace inside the castle: Storm Storm Cliff;
  • Go up the wooden stairs to the right and eliminate the enemies with the red hood (be careful because they can call others if they notice you);
  • Enter the castle and go up the wooden stairs being very careful to approach the explosive barrels because there are many opponents ready to blow them up;
  • As you go up you will notice a closed door. You need the Rusty Key which you can get in the room at the top of the stairs by defeating the knight;
  • Open the door, enter and climb the stairs until you reach the new place of grace called: Bulwark Tower. If you breathe to the top of the stairs instead you will find some enemies and some Runes;
  • OPTIONAL 1 – Exit the left room and pass the bastion with the eagles. Halfway through the bastion jump off the balcony on the left, then go over the crumbling wall on the right and keep going down making sure there is always a place to jump underneath. You will arrive on a rocky ridge that will collapse but you will not do anything to it. Continue on to find a very strong knight to beat. Before starting the battle, continue up to the tower to activate one of the two elevators that take you back to Torre Baluardo. You can also try to make the knight fall into the hole left by the elevator, however once defeated you will receive the spell Crucible Shape: Horns.
  • Exit the room on the left and pass the bastion with the eagles, be careful because they throw explosive barrels;
  • Go to the roof and then go down to the rooms below to find Rogier the Sorcerer in a small church;
  • Continue, pass the knight on the bridge and go down until you reach the kitchens and the dining room. Here you will find a midboss halfway between Margit and the final boss of this area, it is not very strong but if you want you can avoid the fight. However, enter the door at the end and activate the second lift that leads to Torre Baluardo;
  • OPTIONAL 2 – Near the dining room you will also find an area with a bunch of corpses and dogs that are having a feast. From the top of the pile of corpses you can collect the Crimson Hoodgreat if you are a wizard.
  • Exit the door adjacent to the dining room to find yourself in a clearing full of enemies and with the flaming crossbows aimed at you. Be careful because they are nearly lethal! Run past the enemies and enter the door on the left by climbing the stairs of the rock just behind them to rest at the place of grace: Elevator chamber;
  • OPTIONAL 3 – If you go back to the place full of enemies starting from the place of grace and immediately turn right you can enter a room where you can find a Prophecy (a painted place to reach on the map). Be careful because just outside the room there is a dog and a sleeping giant.
  • From the last place of grace reached, take the freight elevator, go up and turn left. Eliminate the pots with the arms to get a Cracked Pot useful for making throwing pots, then continue north until you reach the last place of grace in the area before the final battle: Isolated cell;
  • OPTIONAL 4 – Before exiting the cell and turning right to meet the boss, turn left and pick up a from the garden Golden Seed next to the golden branch sticking out of the ground.

Godrick the Grafted

A decidedly less annoying boss than Margit who will only require knowledge of her attacks and some attention to be defeated. We refer you to the guide to the bosses for the strategy.

A stop at the Rocca della Tavola Rotonda

All the photos of the complete guide of Elden Ring
Elden Ring Complete Guide

Beat Godrick you will get the first of the Major Runes of the game and the Remembrance of the Grafted One. You will then finally be able to access the room of the Two Fingers at the Round Table. This is the room immediately behind the Table. Go, touch the two fingers to receive a gesture and then talk to the Leggidita next to it to learn more about the Major Runes and to be able to take advantage of the remembrance.

In fact, if given to Legitimacy, Godrick’s Remembrance allows you to obtain the weapon Grafted Dragonor theGodrick Ax. They are both very strong weapons, but you can only get one. Unless you find a Wandering Shrine to duplicate the remembrance. And you can find one in the Plains to the Left of the Wailing Peninsula. Moreover, if you do not want the weapons proposed by Leggidita you can also sell the remembrance obtaining 20,000 runes (and if you duplicate it 40,000) a nice nest egg right?

Don’t forget to also speak with Ser Gideon Ofnir which will show you where to find the other Major Runes holders.


The next Major Rune to obtain is found at Liurnia, just north of Sepolcride. You will have to go to the center of the large main lake to reach theRaya Lucaria Academy. Unfortunately you will not be able to enter, as the Academy is protected by a magical spell and only one Stonebreaker key allows you to log in.

Luckily the key is close BUT it is protected by a dragon. If you are fast enough with Torrente you will not have to defeat him and you just need to collect the key and then run away as far as possible. With the key you just need to go to one of the bluish seals of the Academy (a ruined building in the center of the lake) and interact with it to enter. Below is the point where find the Stonebreaker key in the overworld near the Crystalline Woods.

All the photos of the complete guide of Elden Ring
Elden Ring Complete Guide

Raya Lucaria Academy

You will have to go through the whole Academy and then defeat Rennala. Here are all the steps to take for pass the Raya Lucaria Academy without leaving the feathers:

  • Interact with the blue symbol to the south that blocks the entrance near the place of grace: South gate of Raya Lucaria;
  • This will teleport you to another internal place of grace, which is the Main gate of the Academy;
  • OPTIONAL 1 – Before entering, call Torrente and continue on the long ruined bridge you see behind you to find a Golden Seed;
  • Take the elevator and go up. The path is quite forced so run into the cemetery, avoid the enemies and reach the place of grace called Church of the Cuckoo;
  • From here continue and arrived in the area with the self-propelled device on the left jump on one of its compartments and go up and then descend on the rocky ridge at the top;
  • Return to the academy and turn left to arrive in a corridor patrolled by an enemy. Here, turn left again to reach a room where you can collect two useful items from chests: the Parchment of the Conspectus and the Scintipietra Artisan’s cookbook [5];
  • Now continue towards the enemy, open the door on the right and continue again turning then in the room on the left to reach the place of grace: School classroom;