Elden Ring | What to do immediately? What the game doesn’t say

Fromsoftware games have always been very sparing in offering help and information to the player and Elden Ring is no exception. Despite the small tutorial that is initially offered there are a lot of things the game doesn’t say. These are quite important things that lead to immediately obtaining very useful objects and that could really make the difference between life and death. So how to best start Elden Ring? Here are the things to do right away so as not to find yourself disadvantaged.

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Elden Ring: How to get started?

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Don’t take the following list of tips as simple tips, but consider this information as a sort of indispensable ladder to settle in the world of Elden Ring. In fact, there are some basic functions that the game does not talk about and that must be unlocked separately in order to better face the adventure. Here’s what they are and how to unlock them.

  • Unlock the Kit for creation – This key item is used to create items such as arrows, darts, upgrades for weapons and armor, elemental bullets, ointments and all a large expandable paraphernalia that can be used in battle. If you do not purchase this kit, the creation option will be present in the menu but will remain unusable. However, you can buy the kit right away and for only 300 Runes from Merchant KalĂ©at the Elleh Church. There is a place of grace with this name just north of where you start.
  • Discover the Places of Grace – These bright spots are the “bonfires” of Elden Ring. They serve to power up, rest, and also function as fast travel points. One of your first goals must be to unlock as many of them as possible so that you have a broader understanding of the game world and be able to move around without problems.
  • Visit the Fortress of the Round Table – After discovering some places of grace you will get acquainted with Melina who will initially offer you your mount, Stream, and then it will take you to the Rocca della Tavola Rotonda. It is a real basic hub where you can get to know different secondary characters, upgrade weapons and unlock new rooms.
  • Unlock the Bell Summons Spirits – Even if you become the most powerful wizard in the game, you will not be able to summon any Spirit Ash until you purchase this bell for 100 Runes from Remains of the Legality within the Round Table. Once you have purchased this key item, you can summon any spirit from your paraphernalia as long as you have enough AP.
  • Unlock the Spiritual Tuning shop – If you use the Ashes of the Spirits in battle you will be pleased to know that these are also upgraded as long as you unlock the Spiritic Tuning Shop first. To do this you will have to proceed in the mission of the NPC Roderikaof which you can find all the information here.
  • Upgrade the Ampoule – Your cruet is used to recharge both life points and AP. Initially you will only have a few to use but immediately devoting a few hours of play to upgrading the Ampolla will certainly do you good. To increase the number of uses and therefore have more ampoules you will have to collect the Golden Seeds (here the guide with their location) that you can collect simply by going around the overworld. In the same way, you can also enhance the effectiveness of restoration and therefore obtain more HP or AP with a single use by collecting the instead Ampoule tears (here the guide to find them all).
  • Unlock theAmpoule of Balsam Portentous – This special cruet can be found in the Marika Third Churcha building (and a place of grace) that you can find northeast of Sepulchrid. It is basically the church right away north of Witchwood following the main road. By interacting with a Place of Grace it is possible to mix within this ampoule Special tears, usually found near one of the map’s large trees, which can provide multiple effects. In fact, you could create an ampoule that restores half your health and enhances the charged attack, one that restores AP and increases stability, or one that makes you resistant to fire and poison. There are various Tears and possibilities, but first of all it is important to unlock this bottle.
  • Unlock the Game map – As you may have noticed, initially the only things you will be able to see on the game map will be some streets, some major locations and the unlocked Places of Grace. However, the Elden Ring map is full of points of interest and since traveling blind is not the best you should spend some of your time looking for the stems to unlock all the Fragments of the Map (here the guide to find them all).
  • Empower yourself – This last tip may seem trivial, but if you have read our guide to the classes you will certainly have realized that some of them require instant work of upgrades. Taking on certain bosses right away without raising your stats could lead to continuous deaths so take a few hours to strengthen your parameters. Here you will find one of the best places to do it without spending too much time.

Once these things have been done you will finally be ready to enter the main plot and the many hidden dungeons and clashes in the world of Elden Ring and we just have to refer you to our solution to the main plot wishing you good luck Senzaluce!