Everyone likes Elden Ring: at the top of the ranking on OpenCritic

Elden Ring has practically arrived: the last effort of FromSoftware will be available from February 25, but in the meantime the reviews of the title have been published. The reviewers really enjoyed the gamewho have positively evaluated the game to the point of making it arrive at first place on the OpenCritic ranking.

Before Elden Ring, the most popular game on the platform was Super Mario Odysseywith a rating average of 97 out of 100. For a few hours, FromSoftware’s game managed to outperform the Nintendo game, achieving the same average score (although later it dropped to the very high 96 out of 100thus placing itself in second place).

Nevertheless, Elden Ring surpasses highly acclaimed titles such as The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (96/100), Red Dead Redemption 2 (96/100) and GTA V (96/100). As for the famous one Metariticthe title scored a Metascore of 97however, based only on the reviews of the newspapers (therefore the opinion of the users is missing).