Elden Ring, now everything is ready for launch: fixed even the last problems

After the triumph, for Elden Ring it is time for stability. In fact, FromSoftware didn’t even have time to relax due to the great success of his game, which has already got back to work. And it does so in view of the official launch of the title, scheduled for February 25, 2022 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC.

If it is true that the game has also been technically praised by all the newspapers and influencers who have had the opportunity to try it in preview for the review, it is also true that neither Elden Ring it is immune to some problems. For this reason, the Japanese developer has already developed a new patch, which will fix some of the minor problems and make the experience in the Interregnum much better for everyone.

The new update will bring Elden Ring to version 1.02 and is already available for download. One of the most important aspects obviously concerns the frame rate: thanks to this new patch, now, the various occasional drops and that occur on certain occasions seem to have disappeared. Other improvements include a tuning of the controls, greater stability, minor bug fixes and some text changes. There is also a very particular fix, which fixes a small bug found with headsets for Xbox consoles.

There is nothing more to add: with the release of this new patch, now we can say that Elden Ring is practically ready to be launched by everyone after years of waiting. His arrival concludes a very intense February, studded with major releases such as Horizon Forbidden West and lower-budget but unmissable products like Sifu. Could 2022 really be one of the best years for video games ever? If this is the road taken, then probably yes.

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