excellent smart speaker, collapsed price (77 €)

The very famous HomePod Minirecently available in Italy, has already collapsed on eBay. The smart speaker that every lover of Apple products should have, now you bring it at home for just around € 77 instead of € 99.

How to take advantage of it? Very simple: put the product in the cart and – before completing the order – apply the code “SMARTHOME22”. Shipping is absolutely fast and free, but availability is limited.

HomePod Mini: Apple’s smart speaker at a crazy price

The occasion could not be more tempting. A product super premium of the bitten apple. A device of new generation that it is just not expected that it will already collapse in price.

The perfect complement to the ecosystem of products of the Cupertino giant. The smart speaker which will allow you full interaction with Siri and not only. You can also access the Apple Music Voice plan, which lets you enjoy the huge library of streaming songs, just by using your voice.

Super compact, it doesn’t compromise on audio quality. Thanks to 360-degree sound and computational audio, enjoy an immersive experience, always clear and super clear. The ideal therefore just to listen to your favorite songs.

Maximum compatibility with iPhone: bring it close to the smart speaker while playing songs and have them continue on your smartphone. This way, if you have to go out, you can continue listening.

Use all the power of Siri to find information of any kind, but not only: it is the perfect ally for manage the smart home with ease. Yes, because “simplicity” is the watchword that allows us to better understand the potential of this product. Like any Apple device, it’s as comprehensive as it is incredibly simple to leverage.

In short, HomePod Mini it is a concentrated technology in a crazy aesthetic shell. Beautiful, elegant and complete, now from eBay you take it home for about € 76 just: put the product in the cart and – before completing the order – apply the code “SMARTHOME22”. You get it for around € 77 instead of € 99. Shipments are absolutely fast and free.

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