Smartphones continue to perform like never before (especially to Apple)

The smartphoneyou know, they make it quite a lot of to producers, but looking at the numbers always has a certain effect. The market analysis site CounterPoint has just revealed the data from his latest research on phone sales in the past year and they are truly impressive, with almost $ 450 billion in global revenue.

Obviously, the lion’s share is the five major producers in the worldApple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo, which by themselves almost represent the85% of the global market (graph below). But what is even more impressive is the fact that these numbers are due on the one hand to a growth of 7% of the smartphone market, but on the other hand also to the increase in prices. The average selling price of the iPhone (ASP), for example, recorded a growth of 14% year over year.

Do you think Apple’s iPhone revenue increased by 35% on an annual basis to get to cash 196 billion dollarsthe 44% of total global smartphone revenue in 2021.

Obviously Apple it’s just there spearhead of this market, which has seen the average selling price of smartphones grow by 12% on an annual basis to reach $ 322, mainly due to a higher share of higher-priced 5G smartphones, as well as the success of the iPhone 13.

To the second placevery far, Samsung with a total smartphone turnover of 72 billion dollars and an average selling price of only $ 263

Counterpoint last month reported that Apple has overtaken Samsung in Europe reaching its highest market share ever in the region, with a growth of 25% which dwarfs the growth of the European telephone market by 8%.