Fallout New Vegas 2: Microsoft opens to sequel, there is hope!

We know very well that there are a lot of projects under development within the Xbox Games Studios. Just recently the same company from Redmond wanted to speak very highly of one of their studios, namely The Coalition. The authors of the last few chapters of Gears of War would be working on multiple projects, and there are multiple Xbox teams in the same situation. In addition to this, recently Microsoft itself seems to have given hope on the realization of Fallout New Vegas 2.

The chapter developed by Obsidian soon became a real cult videogame, especially for fans of the Fallout saga. These fans can now start crossing their fingers, as, according to a recent statement by Jeff Grubb, the Redmond company has started talking about a possible Fallout New Vegas 2. “AND very early, but some people started saying certain words, and these are ‘Obsidian’ and ‘New Vegas 2 ′ “.

These statements by Grubb still remain vague and must be taken with due attention, but think about it it’s not that impossible that sooner or later a Fallout New Vegas 2 will really see the light. On the other hand, Obsidian has been residing within the Xbox Game Studios family for several years now, and this can give great hope to all fans who have adored the Fallout chapter set in Nevada.

Fallout New Vegas

At the moment, we know that Obsidian’s guys are already working on many projects like the fantasy RPG Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2, and it’s very likely that if we ever see a Fallout New Vegas 2, we won’t for a few years.

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