FIAT and Alfa Romeo only electric: from 2027 the new era

The car market is preparing for the new era of the electric, the sector that in the last few years has extended to new models among practically all active manufacturers. FIAT and Alfa Romeo prepare the definitive transition.

As for FIAT offers on the market three models electric, with the 500 electric which leads the sales in terms of numbers, followed by Duchy And Shield. A low cost model will also arrive soon, probably under € 20,000which should match the new one Panda fully electric.

On the Alfa Romeo front we recently saw the launch of the Tonale. The brand Stellantis by the end of next year intends to launch 13 new electric And 8 plug-in hybrids. It will arrive there first Maserati fully electric, probably in March, while in a couple of years it should arrive new electric Ypsilondeveloped on the technical basis of the Peugeot e-208.

One is expected for FIAT and Alfa Romeo definitive transition to electric starting from 2027. It remains to be seen where the houses intend to allocate the production of their next electric models.