FiberCop receives the green light from the AGCM, the project proceeds without obstacles

The Italian Competition Authority has given the green light to the formation of FiberCop, a company that aims to spread optical fiber in Italy and which sees the participation of TIM, Fastweb and the companies of the KKR fund. L’AGCM he explained that he had carefully assessed any risks to competition in the wholesale telecommunications market, balancing each risk with the benefits in terms of sharing investments.

The AGCM considered the commitments made satisfactory participating companies to avoid an imbalance in the wholesale market. The new FiberCop will not have to assign a TIM, majority shareholder, an excessively strong role in the optical fiber market. Furthermore, despite the stake in FiberCop, the other participating companies, such as Fastweb itself, will have to continue to develop their own fiber cable network independently. The other fundamental point concerns the possibility for all telecommunications companies to benefit from FiberCop’s services, without the possibility of discrimination.

Overall – reads the note published by the AGCM – the commitments accepted by the Authority are based on two pillars, which consist in reducing the barriers to customer acquisition, i.e. telecommunications operators, in the wholesale fixed telecommunications market. , favoring full infrastructure competition and favoring infrastructure through the reduction of related costs and the identification of stringent deadlines and coverage objectives

The authority will continue to supervise the evolution of the market through a “complex system of monitoring and supervision of the fulfillment of the obligations undertaken”. A first verification, explains the AGCM, will already take place over the next 60 days.

TIM expresses satisfaction with the AGCM decision which approved the commitments relating to the cooperation between TIM, KKR and Fastweb for the construction of the fiber network on the national territory through the establishment of the company FiberCop, which has already acquired the interest of various operators on the market.
The AGCM decision confirms the effectiveness of the project promoted by TIM which is accelerating the development of the latest generation network infrastructures, to the benefit of the digitization of the entire country.ยป, A company spokesman told us.

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