Final Fantasy 14: Much of the MMORPG Returns Free for All!

We have repeatedly stressed how Final Fantasy 14 turned out to be a real gold mine for Square Enix. The MMORPG started off on the wrong foot in its very first days of life, and we all remember this, as we remember the incredible transformation that the title has undergone over time. All this thanks to a development team that has always believed in the project and to a passionate community, which still today makes this Final Fantasy one of the most played and most enjoyable games of Square Enix.

Recently Final Fantasy 14 has achieved so much success that Square Enix had to take the game off the digital stores, all of this due to a congestion of players that was severely slowing down the game servers. Now that the title has been back available to everyone for some time now, Square Enix wanted to make a further gift to the players, that is to return free access to your MMORPG peak.

The announcement comes directly from the official Twitter profile of Final Fantasy 14, where we learn that the free trial of the game is finally back. Thanks to this possibility, anyone who wants to look at the well-known Final Fantasy MMORPG will be able to do it without having to pay even a cent. In this free trial All A Realm Reborn and the Heavensward expansion can be played until level 60 is reached.

Thanks to this possibility it will be possible to get an all-round idea of ​​what the project developed by Square Enix over the years is. A real opportunity not to be missed.

If you haven’t already, you can purchase the Final Fanasy VII remake a this address.