For bounty hunters, Hunt celebrates its fourth anniversary with a new event!

Double dose of news on Hunt: Showdown for the bounty hunters listening. A new update has just been released on PC and consoles and Crytek has announced how it will celebrate the fourth anniversary of the game. The creepy online shooter wasn’t an instant hit, but it has become one of the best multiplayer experiences currently available, praised for its nail-biting stalls and exclusive PvPvE.

To best celebrate reaching four years, Hunt: Showdown will thank current players and will welcome new ones with some special contentsone Twitch Drops campaignan anniversary sale and a new one branding.

Countryside Twitch Dropswhich includes four Legendary Weapons and one Legendary Hunter, starts today February 23 at 4:00 pm and will last until 4:00 pm Tuesday 1st March. THE Drops are open to everyonethen players simply need to watch their favorite Hunt: Showdown Twitch streamer to start collecting the free rewards.

The new brandingreflecting the unique PvPvE gameplay, will appear on all Hunt: Showdown channels, and will be available for players to download as a wallpaper. To the following link one is available survival guide with some Hunt: Showdown Tips and Tricks, ideal for any insights into the game.

PC players can get Hunt: Showdown and 4 DLCs with the 65% discount as part of the Anniversary Bundleavailable on Steam until 3rd March.