this is how they drain our money

It may have happened to you too that you received a call that, after your answer, ended in a few seconds when you did not hear anything from the other side. They are defined silent phone calls. Often used by Call Centers, they are generated automatically avoiding the operator having to dial the telephone number, thus keeping him busy. But sometimes these calls come from the Tunisia or from another foreign country. In these cases you have to be very careful because you risk running out of credit with all money dried up.

Silent phone calls: beware of calls from Tunisia

A few days ago we told you about the phenomenon of silent phone calls. This is a widespread practice among the Call Center. This method is used by companies in the sector to increase the number of calls handled by a single operator, avoid wasting time and avoid caller errors in dialing the number.

Often, however, the Call Center operator, engaged in another call, is unable to reach the one generated by the system in time. So here it turns into one of the so-called silent phone calls. The recipient replies, but there is no communication on the other side. In these cases, don’t worry, it’s just a nuisance.

On the other hand, it is different if these silent calls come from Tunisia or by others Foreign countries. Usually the phone number changes, but the area code is always the same, mainly the +216. When she answers on the other side, nothing is heard, only silence.

This trick is used to manage one fraud now known. The goal is to get the user to call that number back to find out who or what it is. It is precisely at that moment that the trap is triggered because through a scam system the poor unfortunate is drained of the money present on the residual credit or, if directly debited to an account or credit card, the amount for that “special” call.

In some cases, even services are activated in subscription specials that have exorbitant costs. When the user notices it, it is too late because he has already been charged a lot of money. That is why currently any default operator blocks these which are called services VAS.

What to do in order not to fall into the trap

Our advice, to avoid falling into the trap of silent phone calls from Tunisia or any other country with a foreign prefix is ​​not to answer and, above all, do not call back. If you are curious to know who is on the other side of the phone, there are services that allow you to find out who the unknown numbers are calling you. These are very useful free services based on the contribution of the large community of subscribers.

Also, it is good to block always the number that corresponds to silent phone calls. Better to avoid that I can contact you again. Finally, if you answer, never say “Yup“, This word could be used to confirm an unwanted contract that has been artfully edited.