Ford thinks of a new steering wheel without controls but with a large screen

A new patent unearthed again by the colleagues of CarBuzz highlights the possible arrival of one strange steering wheel from Fordcharacterized byno commands but the presence of a huge screen multifunction touchscreen. Furthermore, Ford’s plan calls for the steering wheel to be made with a malleable materialable to be pressed and shaped as needed, with a series of sensors immersed in it capable of identifying and “translating” the inputs offered by the driver.

The patent specifically mentions the presence of sensors on the upper and lower edges of the steering wheel, with functions on both the front and rear of the steering wheel. Expected in the center, as anticipated, a huge screen necessary to identify and make known the function of each sensor. As with some Citroen-designed steering wheels, the outer crown will be the only moving part while the central display will also remain fixed to allow quicker consultation. In any case, the Blue Oval brand provides one continuous sensor mapping, even with the steering wheel turned, so as to ensure easier memorization for the driver. In short, a function set on the upper sensor will ideally always be in that position. And the airbag? No mention is made of it in the patent so at the moment we have no information to that effect; Ford is likely to have an additional safety system project in the works.

As with all patents, there is never a guarantee that it will go into production. For example, the Ford’s Pet modewhich provides a millimetric adjustment of the air conditioning depending on the size and breed of your own dogappears quite probable, while the Hyundai’s vertical sliding tailgate it already seems more critical. In any case, it is always valuable to discover how manufacturers are looking for ever more innovative solutions. Would you be interested in a steering wheel of this type or do you prefer the more classic concept that involves a series of physical buttons?