From the government 2.2 billion for strategic supply chains also for batteries and chips

It was disclosed that Minister Giorgetti has ordered that the financial endowment of the Development Contracts, 450 million euros allocated in the Budget Law 2022, be further integrated with the resources foreseen by the PNRR. Overall, they are about 2.2 billion euros funds allocated by the Ministry of Economic Development to support the competitiveness of the country’s strategic industrial chains, including the automotive sector.

Funds that will be needed for investments in chips, batteries, and renewables as well as for other important sectors of the country such as pharmaceuticals and tourism. More specifically, the goal is to achieve at least 40 investment projects throughout the country through the facilitation of development contracts in sectors such as automotive, microelectronics and semiconductors, metal and electromechanics, chemical-pharmaceutical, tourism. , design, fashion and furniture, agro-industry, and environmental protection.

Of the allocated amount, 1 billion euros I will be used to strengthen investments, also in research and innovation, on the main chains of the ecological transition, also favoring industrial reconversion processes with the construction of Gigafactory to make batteries and photovoltaic and wind panels. 750 million euros, on the other hand, will be used for investment projects linked to the digitization, innovation, and competitiveness of the Made in Italy supply chains.

The Ministry explains that every project that the Government will economically support must be functional to the birth, development, or strengthening of companies belonging to strategic supply chains that can increase the productivity and economic growth of the country as well as generate a positive impact on employment. The companies that will submit a request for access to funds, if the plan provides for an increase in staff, “must undertake to hire as a priority the recipients of income support interventions, unemployed as a result of collective dismissal procedures and workers of companies involved in crisis tables active at the Mise” On this new level, Minister Giorgetti declared:

As Mise we support investment programs that aim to increase the competitiveness of the Italian production system within strategic European supply chains with a high technological and industrial value that have a decisive impact on the future of the country. The Development Contracts tool has been redesigned precisely with the aim of facilitating the implementation of investment projects that favor the reindustrialisation and enhancement of our industrial heritage, encouraging research and technology transfer programs which are the key to winning challenge of digital and green transition. With this in mind, we also wanted to give a clear and concrete signal to workers involved in territorial areas and companies in crisis, linking the granting of incentives to the commitments of investors to take them on.


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