Galaxy S22 Ultra now unveiled important rumor from Korea | Photo and video

To take the pictures and videos posted on Twitter by @ hypark22 one would say: “All confirmed”. Yes because the (alleged) Galaxy S22 Ultra black stripped on the web by the whistleblower has an aspect already known. On the one hand, the images can be superimposed on those published previously without noticing differences, on the other hand, more than Galaxy S22 Ultra, we could talk about Galaxy Note 22 Ultra.

The profile, let’s face it without too many words, that’s it typical of a Note: seems the direct successor of Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, with “short” profiles (the upper and lower ones where the S Pen will be) with equally clear lines with long rounded sides, to connect the rear surface to the screen and the at the same time also favor ergonomics.

Pressed into the comments, the Korean whistleblower also made a series of videos in which he juxtaposes Galaxy S22 Ultra to another top of the Samsung range, including Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – from which the strong kinship between the two emerges – Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Z Fold 3. Interestingly the unit White of the next top of Samsung, whose rear cameras, unlike the black version, would have a contrasting profile.

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