Garden hammocks | The best of 2022

UPDATE 23/02/2022: We have not made any changes to the product list, as we believe these garden hammocks are still valid. However, we’ve added a bunch of information below that may help you hang them up correctly.

Our focus on garden products it is high, especially in this period, suggesting which products to buy with the aim of making you make the best possible purchase, without wasting time and money. One of the last guides that we have created and published on the subject was that relating to garden swings, a very interesting category that we will analyze again in this article, although the protagonists will be the garden hammocks.

Although in some ways they resemble each other, the hammocks are different from the swings and that’s why they deserve a dedicated article. As you may have guessed, on this occasion we will find out which are the best garden hammocks, as well as which type of hammocks is best suited to your needs. They exist in fact free-standing hammocks and classic hammocks, the latter with the characteristic of being hung by means of ropes and hooks on two trees or similar supports. However, we will go into details and advise you on which type to aim for in the second part of the article, after having discovered which are some of the best models of each.

The best garden hammocks

Classic hammock – Anyoo

Anyoo Hammock

One of the best classic hammocks is the one made by Anyoo. It is a model that needs external support to be used but, once you have found the right positioning, comfort is guaranteed. Perfect in the garden, but also on the beach and when hiking, thanks to a very resistant canvas and a structure capable of supporting a weight up to 200kg. Thanks to her resistance, you can also decide to swing her a little without the danger that your weight can damage her. She will arrive at your home with everything you need to hang it up right away, with high-density nylon straps and sturdy steel carabiners.


Classic hammock – BB Sport

BB Sport

If you want to be in good company, the model to consider is the one produced by BB Sport, which boasts a structure capable of accommodate 2 people and a maximum weight of 300kg. Available in many colors, it is also equipped with 2 comfortable pillows which improve comfort. Another advantage of this model is that it can already be positioned at a height of about 80 cm, as it always remains stretched by the firmly integrated wooden bars. However, we must not forget that it is still a classic hammock, which needs an external support such as a tree or a pole to hang it.


Classic hammock – Glymnis


Another classic hammock that deserves to be considered, especially for those who prefer to sit in 2, is the one produced by Glymnis. Also available in many colors, it boasts one load capacity of 300kg and comes equipped with a very practical carrying bag, useful for storing your objects, smartphones, keys or the same friend. Excellent quality of the fabric, which is made of 210T nylon in tripla seam, perfect for ensuring maximum resistance. A hammock, therefore, safe and easy to use, as well as to transport.


Classic hammock – Easy Eagle

Easy Eagle

Although the solution of Easy Eagle it has more or less the same characteristics as the previous models, we believe that its build quality deserves to be reported and, consequently, to include this garden hammock among the main models to be taken into consideration. The dimensions of this model are 220 x 120cm and, of course, it comes equipped with everything you need so that you can mount it right away. As you may have guessed, it comes in a classic hammock, i.e. without a support base, therefore suitable for those who prefer to hang it from trees, on the veranda or in your yard. Regarding the maximum weight supported, the model of Easy Eagle can hold a load of 300kg.


Freestanding hammock – Vivere UHSDO8-00

Living UHSDO8-00

If you have no way of hanging the hammock on an external support, then you have to consider the free-standing hammocks which, unlike the models mentioned above, boast a support integrated into the structure which will allow you to position it anywhere you want. Usually, they have a slightly higher cost, but justified by the presence of a support designed to keep the hammock firmly on the surface. Among these, the Vivere UHSDO8-00 is certainly one of the best, since it can hold 200kg and is made of high quality dense cotton fabric.


Freestanding hammock – Vivere C8SPCT-00

Living C8SPCT-00

What distinguishes this hammock from the others is the presence of one base made entirely of solid pine which gives it an elegant design, as well as a unparalleled robustness. The price is much higher than the other models, but if you want a hammock that makes a difference in your garden, this is the most suitable model.


Freestanding Hammock – Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics

Another freestanding model worth mentioning comes directly from Amazon Basics. It is not very expensive, but it still boasts a structure capable of hold 2 people, as long as they don’t weigh too much. Thanks to the bag included in the package, it will be easy to carry, as well as it will be easy to assemble it since you will not need any other tools. The high quality fabric completes what is an excellent hammock to spend unforgettable moments of relaxation.


How to choose a garden hammock

Garden hammocks are rather simple items and do not have any electrical components, so there are very few factors that determine whether a model is valid or not, as well as whether it is suitable for your needs. The factors to be taken into consideration during the purchase are therefore essentially 2; the type and maximum capacity.


As mentioned in the initial stages, garden hammocks are divided into those self-supporting and classic. The differences between one and the other are considerable, so it is important to know which type to consider, in order to avoid finding yourself with an unsuitable model.

As the word suggests, self-supporting hammocks are what integrate a structure, which will allow the cloth to be positioned on the sides of the latter. Furthermore, the presence of a support will ensure that you can place the hammock wherever you want, since it will not be necessary to hang it from a tree or a pole, as is the case with classic models. This feature makes these models ideal for those who know they do not have suitable supports nearby or, simply, for those who prefer to have the freedom to place it wherever they want.

As you may have already guessed, the classic hammocks they need an external support to be able to hang them. This means that not everyone can benefit from it, but if you have the possibility to install one, you can save several tens of euros, since the latter have a lower cost than self-supporting models.

Maximum capacity

Since garden hammocks have the task of supporting you, knowing what the maximum weight capacity of a specific model is is essential, in order to avoid sinking to the ground and getting hurt. In this regard, our advice is to take your weight into account and choose a hammock that supports a slightly higher weight, although the higher the better, of course. This precaution is important to evaluate, also because the hammock often tends to swing and this could cause it to break, if the weight is at the limit.

How do you clean a hammock?

How you clean a hammock depends on the materials it is made of. For example, some hammocks can be machine washed, while others require a little more attention. If you prefer to wash it by hand, use lukewarm water and a mild cleanser and don’t forget to rinse it. At this point, let it dry thoroughly before using it again.

How do you hang a hammock?

When hanging hammocks on trees, it is recommended to use tree straps rather than raw ropes (may need to be purchased separately depending on the product). To protect the trees, we recommend choosing belts at least a couple of centimeters wide rather than the classic ropes. In some parks it may be necessary to apply larger straps. Also, you should hang the hammock on healthy, sturdy trees to avoid damage.

If your purpose is to hang a hammock permanently, you will need to follow the instructions for your specific model and locate the most appropriate area. Another factor to consider is the length of the ridge, the amount of bend or the height you prefer the hammock has. These factors are often related to the distance between the two ends.

Are hammocks good for your back?

The answer depends on the condition of your back. For some people, constantly getting in and out of a hammock can cause pain and tension, but for many others it can reduce any back pain, as a hammock has no pressure points, allowing the whole body to relax. Furthermore, their design it could improve blood circulation, as it keeps the upper body slightly elevated. However, if you are interested in trying a hammock but are concerned about potential back pain, talk to your doctor for recommendations.

Can the hammock be hung indoors?

If your hammock is anchored correctly, you can hang it almost anywhere, but if you are wary of installation, you can always rely on a model with a dedicated support.