Give more color to Windows 10 with these imitations of its original background

Customizing the appearance of our operating system is something that has gradually gained in importance over the years and its versions. How could it be otherwise, this is something that is extended to the Microsoft system, we refer to Windows.

In the last decades this is a software that has been accompanying us and that has evolved adapting to the needs of the users. In regards to his Interface, obviously it has also improved ostensibly. A clear example of all this is now found with the most recent version, Windows 11. But in addition to this, the truth is that some previous versions offered us an original aspect, for example, with its wallpaper, which has served as a reference . This is something that we were able to verify at the time in Windows XP with that mythical green field, Bliss.

We have seen something similar in Windows 10 and 11versions of the operating system that have also been characterized by a specific original desktop wallpaper. Keep in mind that Windows 10 has been around for a few years now, so this image has many imitations designed by external users. Many people keep that original background or establish some personal photo of their friends, family, partner, pet, etc. However, it may be the case that we look for a more sober desktop based on that original background, but with variations.

With this, especially in more corporate environments, we will have a neutral background image, but a little more original than usual, without being personal.

Variations of the original Windows 10 background

It is for all this that we are telling you that below we are going to show you a series of backgrounds that mimic and vary this original Windows 10 background. In this way we achieve the objective that we previously communicated to you, and also all this without the need to pay a single euro. You will only have to download the images that will be used as background and load them in Windows 10 so that they are part of your day to day with the PC.

This is something that you can achieve in different ways in Windows, for example, opening the content in the System Photos app. Once on the screen and with the right mouse button you can set it as the desktop background directly.

  • Terraforma: of course if what you are looking for is originality in the purest style Hololens with the original fund, take a look at this proposal.
  • Retro Windows: in case you are looking for a slightly more retro desktop background, but keeping the essence of Windows 10, this is your choice. The most significant change that we are going to find here is the design of the logo that is part of the image as such.
  • That’s No Moon: an aspect that has been used a lot in recent times is the dark way in many software. This takes care of our eyes, especially if we work in low light environments. This fund of imitation of the original Windows 10 It will be perfect for these cases.
  • Windows 10 Bliss at Night: the night, the darkness and the moon are elements that are closely associated as a general rule. If we add all this to the background of Windows 10, we will obtain this result.
  • Windows 10 Bliss: Bliss is the name of the mythical background of Windows XP that we were talking about before. Now you can bring it in its version for Windows 10 from the link that we propose.