Green pass, app and IO down site: unable to access certification

L’app IO and the government website from which to consult the green pass I’m down: for a few minutes, users have no longer been able to access the green certification due to unspecified problems.

The following notice appears on the website: “The system is currently unavailable – We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later “. Access from the app is also denied: “Your certificate data could not be recovered: please try again. It could be due to a temporary problem “.

Apparently, at the time of writing, the problem has not yet been resolved. No news even on causes inconvenience, which could cause several inconvenience to those who counted on the digital version of the certificate. Those who do not have the paper green pass or a screenshot with them will simply have to wait for the app and site to be restored.

Green pass down app

The ministry has not yet announced when the service will be available again. Such a problem had already occurred in December, when users trying to download the QR Code or to recover theAuthcode they were stuck in front of the usual error report: “The system is not available at the moment – We apologize for the inconvenience”. In that case, the intervention of the developers was quite swift: the website was up and running again within a few hours. No inconvenience, however, with regard to the IO app, from which it was always possible to retrieve the green pass (not so this time).

As mentioned, there is no official information on when the IO app and the website’s web page will be operational again. As soon as we have news, we will notify you as an update of this article.

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