Insur consolidates its recovery with pre-sales record

Grupo Insur has consolidated its recovery. The oldest real estate holding company in the country, 77 years of presence in the market, has closed the 2021 financial year with a pre-sales record; a total of 580 units that have reported 174.6 million euros, and the transformation of its patrimonial assets after making an investment of 8.5 million euros in the reform and adaptation of the same.

As of December 31, 2021, the group’s residential development turnover stood at 83.6 million euros with an improvement in its gross margin of 23.6 percent, 1.4 points more than in 2020 when the gross margin of the residential activity stood at 22.2 percent.

As explained by the company’s CEO, Francisco Pumar, “during the past year we have improved the performance of our margins by activity, thus deepening the lines set out in the 2021/2025 Strategic Plan”.

In this way and for the purpose of improving margins set out in the Strategic Plan, during the past financial year Grupo Insur, within its equity leg, made sales of real estate investments worth 8.9 million euros, which have generated a result before tax of 3.8 million.

They commercialized new surfaces for a total of 10,172.91 square meters and there have been resolutions of contracts with an area of ​​11,362.20 square meters and with a total occupancy rate of its patrimonial assets of 87.7 percent. In portfolio, Grupo Insur has 130,945.51 square meters of offices and commercial premises and more than 3,000 parking spaces.

At the tertiary level, the Sevillian holding company is developing the project Malaga Agora; a set of 9,500 square meters of office on the beach in the capital and develops a five-star hotel project in Atlanterra (Tarifa) spread over a total of 30,000 square meters.

The company has a total of 98,945 square meters of land for tertiary promotion of which it develops the Ágora and Atlanterra projects and, in portfolio, 59,445 square meters. Its commitment for 2025, “to grow in tertiary and office developments in Malaga and Madrid”.

Precisely the Community of Madrid marks the growth strategy of Grupo Insur which will allocate all the resources obtained through the MARF bond, 30 million euros, to the acquisition of land and plots in Madrid.

For the current fiscal year, Grupo Insur sets the goal of closing 93 percent of occupancy in its property activity and delivering between 390 and 400 homes. The directors of the company have underlined that the 2021 financial year has represented important progress in the Strategic Plan, where the commitment to its shareholders stands out, delivering a dividend of 0.40 euros per share, 25 percent more than in 2020.

The president of Grupo Insur, Ricardo Pumar, has highlighted the group’s commitment to sustainability and compliance with ESG objectives. In this sense, he highlighted the company’s certifications that go through ISO 14001, the Breeam certification in newly built office buildings and Breeam in USE in existing buildings.

Likewise, it has highlighted the commitment to photovoltaic installations in the group’s office buildings and the objective of energy rating A in all new residential buildings; the WELL health and wellness certification for users in newly built office buildings and the objective of measuring the carbon footprint of activities, as a priority objective. In addition to the environmental commitment, it has highlighted the commitment to the social development of the environment where they operate and the help for the purchase of homes for their clients.