Hogwarts Legacy, we are not going out anymore: does 2022 also skip?

At this point Hogwarts Legacy is truly a mystery. Beyond a message launched by the developer at the end of 2021, the game seems to have completely disappeared from the radar and its release, expected by some rumors for this year, may have been postponed again.

Hogwarts Legacy

Let’s go in order: a report the indiscretion of a possible postponement of Hogwarts Legacy AccountNGT, a leaker who has always proved to be very reliable in the past, took care of it. According to the Twitter user, Warner Bros. would be willing to postpone the release of the third film in the Fantastic Beasts series, a spin-off of the Harry Potter franchise. This could push the US publisher, which owns the rights to the saga and all related products, to postpone the game’s arrival once again.

“According to a source, the new Fantastic Beasts trailer has been postponed. They are modifying it, since the release date of the film could be postponed ”reads the twitter launched by AccountNGT. “Hogwarts Legacy and other projects may be plagued by this decision,” he then added in a second post. Probably Warner Bros. would like to make the most of the hype generated by the film, to sell every product related to the Harry Potter franchise.

The situation is obviously still all in flux. Actually Hogwarts Legacy never got a release date. During the early hours of yesterday on Amazon Italy pre-orders were opened for copies destined for Xbox console, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, a sign that perhaps a possible announcement could arrive in the next few days, perhaps together with a new trailer for the game. The new video of the title could among other things be launched in Sony’s next State of Play, which according to some insiders should go on stage in March 2022. The situation is still very smoky and therefore as usual we invite you to take this information with the pliers: we will update you as soon as there are more details about it.

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