Horizon Forbidden West, expansions coming?

A few days after its release on PlayStation 4 And PlayStation 5, Horizon Forbidden West it has already ranked as the second biggest hit among games PS5 in the UK. The title of Guerrilla Games offers a huge amount of tasks to complete and impressive longevity. However, those who have finished their adventure with Aloy they may already be wondering if the developers have more content in the pipeline.

According to the latest video of the “Age classification guides “ from the VSC Rating Board on Twitter, there are news on the way. At 1:19 minutes, we are talking about a link to an online store and expansions in the form of DLC. Currently, Horizon Forbidden West does not have a store dedicated to additional content. However, since the VSC Rating Board is responsible for cataloging the classifications PEGI European countries, it is possible that, due to an oversight, they missed this information in advance.

Of course, that remains to be confirmed and it is yet to be seen when any expansions might be released. Looking back on the past of Guerrilla Games with Horizon Zero Dawnhowever, it seems plausible that too Horizon Forbidden West will have an expansion like the one received from the first chapter. The Frozen WildIt also brought a great deal of additional content to the former Horizon and it is therefore reasonable to expect that an expansion for this sequel will do the same. In the case of Frozen Wildin fact, the hours of game guaranteed are around ten, between main and secondary missions. In short, the conditions for interesting content are all there.

Horizon Forbidden West is available on PlayStation 4 And PlayStation 5. The title of Guerrilla Games received excellent ratings from critics, immediately proving to be a worthy heir of Zero Dawn. For a detailed analysis we refer you to our review, waiting to get your hands on any new expansions.

Horizon Forbidden West is undoubtedly one of the most interesting titles of the year. You can find it on Amazon.