Horizon Forbidden West | Guide to the best clothes

The forbidden west is there beating more than expected due to overgrown mechanical beasts? Not sure how to dress Aloy during your raids on Horizon Forbidden West to limit the number of damage and improve your performance on the battlefield? Well, you’ve come to the right place at the right time: we’ve written one for you Guide to the best outfits in Horizon Forbidden Dawn

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Horizon Forbidden West: guide to the best outfits and where to find them

Let us immediately put our soul in peace: Horizon Forbidden Westalthough he has a well-stocked arsenal of clothes leaves not too much choice to the player in terms of best suit from the standpoint of stats and passive skills. For this reason it was very easy to write a guide to the best outfits for Horizon Forbidden West.

The best legendary outfits from Horizon Forbidden West in fact, by completing the challenges of the Arena.
The arena is nothing more than a particular location of the game which is located near the forest of memories where Aloy can complete challenges in exchange for prizes including clothes.

Where is the Arena

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If you suffer from short-term memory don’t worry, we have indicated for you with this nice circle the location of the Arena within the Horizon Forbidden West map. The arena is in the north central area of ​​the map, near the Forest of memory.

Nora Legendary Thunder Warrior Suit

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Horizon Forbidden West Nora

The ultimate armor for ranged combat. As terrifying as the Thunder Devourer it is inspired by.

This legendary outfit possesses the following abilities

  • Concentration +
  • Deep concentration
  • Regenerating Concentration
  • Stamina regeneration
  • Ranged stealth +
  • Heavy weapon +

Tenakth Dominator Legendary Suit

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Horizon Forbidden West Tenbekth

The perfect armor for the Destroyers. The more you bleed the more your enemies will suffer.

This dress possesses the following abilities

  • Value with low health
  • Low health melee damage
  • Low health defense
  • Elusive
  • Ranged damage with low health
  • Valor charge improved

Carja elite pursuer

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Horizon Forbidden West Carja

The ideal armor for the trapping expert, covered with the reflective plates of a Stalker

This dress possesses the following abilities

  • Maximum trap limit
  • Quick traps
  • Smoke bomb capacity
  • Quick craftswoman
  • Low profile
  • Silent movements

How to get the Oseram Bomb Suit

The only outfit in this guide that cannot be obtained through completing the arena is that of the Oseram Bomb Squad. In order to get this dress you need to complete all recovery contracts.

We attach a handy video to find out more precisely what you need to do to get this legendary outfit.

That’s all, now you know everything you need to know about the best outfits in the game.