How much does your smartphone consume? The indication of energy efficiency has been introduced by the EU

Starting from the first quarter of 2023, the new EU energy labels will provide a simple and precise indication of the energy efficiency of mobile phones and tablets. The project was managed by European Commission in collaboration with SmartVisera leading French company in the field of QoS (Quality of Service) / QoE (Quality of Experience) tests of devices, connectivity and mobile network technologies.

The works, which began in July 2021, led to the development of a solution and a test methodology for theenergy labeling based on the Ecodesign Directive. Specifically, the parameters taken into consideration are those of energy efficiency and durability, repairability, updatability, ease of maintenance And possibility of reuse and recycling.

The test automation solution is called viSer and consists of simulation of a typical day of use conducted in a controlled environment taking into account the ventilation and temperature conditions. The test results in the actual measurement of theenergy efficiency index (EEI).

The phase of beta testing of the procedure is already underway at various producers and the results will be communicated in the coming months. Clearly, the technology will continue to evolve to support a growing variety of use cases.

EU energy labels give a clear indication of the energy efficiency of products at the time of purchase. This makes the savings on energy bills and allows consumers to actively and consciously contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions across Europe.

These are the words of Gilles RememberelCEO of SmartViser:

We are very proud to have been selected by the European Commission to help them shape the testing methodology for the Energy Efficiency Index for tablets and smartphones. This is in line with our mission to highlight the topic of smartphone battery energy efficiency and collaborate with manufacturers and key stakeholders around the world to improve battery performance for smartphones and tablets.

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