How the parking assistant for scooters works

SmartWorld team

For some it is a turning point as the parking assistant function of Voi is teaching users the rules of the Highway Code and their strict respect for the good common life. The attention is in particular directed to the parking of scooters and, at least up to now, the service is only available in Milan.

The basic provision provides for the no parking of scooters on pavements. The reference point for parking are the dedicated areas. According to the data collected by you, the Milanese users would have improved their parking method by 15.7% in the space of three months.

Parking assistant for scooters, how to use it

From an operational point of view, before using the parking assistant function, once the app has been downloaded, an account must be created for locate the nearest available scooters. So to find the scooter and unlock it thanks to the app you have to position yourself in front of the vehicle. It takes three pushes with the foot to leave. At the end of the ride, the scooter must be made available for subsequent users.

Parking assistant for scooters, how it works

The user is required to make one photographic proof of how you park your scooter. The image is analyzed and if the car park complies with the new rules, the user can continue to use the Voi Technology sharing service. If the parking does not comply with the provisions, the user will receive an e-mail message with instructions on how to park the scooter correctly. But beware, in the third wrong parking lot, you receive a fine of 5 euros, deducted from your credit card.

According to what was revealed by the creators, Parking Assistant has proven itself effective even with the most distracted users. After sending the first e-mail only 4% of users parked incorrectly again and after sending the second warning only 3% were sanctioned. And again, they announce, in 3 months the use of Parking Assistant has improved parking performance by 15.7%, going from 70% to 81% of parking spaces in order.

How to park your scooter in a workmanlike manner

Interesting insurances are also i suggestions provided by Voi Technology for professional scooter parking. In the first instance, parking on the sidewalk is always prohibited. Even near the wall of a building, or an access door to a house or shop, it is subject to penalties by the police. Therefore, parking is always allowed in the racks and in the parking areas for bicycles and mopeds.

After that it is common sense to make sure of never create a hindrance to pedestrians and never block roads and pedestrian crossings, access points to homes, shops or driveways and public transport stops. Then, following the map of the Voi app, the areas marked in blue and green indicate where it is possible to park.

Last but not least, it is considered good practice always use a tripodto leave the scooter upright and therefore not in the way of other pedestrians, in particular for strollers and wheelchairs.

What has changed in the use of electric scooters

The new rules on the use of electric scooters have aimed at increasing road safety and promoting correct use without discouraging the use of this form of mobility, which is increasingly widespread especially in large urban centers. From January 1, 2022, the speed limit was reduced from 25 to 20 kilometers per hour, while it remains at 6 kilometers per hour within pedestrian areas.

Here then is the ban on driving on pavements, except for driving by hand, and the prohibition to park electric scooters on sidewalks outside the areas identified by the Municipalities. To avoid wild stopping, electric scooter hirers are required to acquire the photo at the end of each rental to verify its position on the road. The obligation to wear a helmet for minors on board the kilometers per hour has been confirmed.

Only from 1 July 2022 the new scooters have to be equipped with a buzzer and a speed regulator. Those already in circulation before this deadline must adapt by January 1, 2024. Finally, the confiscation of the vehicle for those traveling with a tampered scooter is triggered.