Converted a historic Ford GT40 into an electric car: sacrilege or devotion?

There Ford GT rangethanks to the restrictions on emissions, is now only available on order and it is not clear if and when the American brand will follow up with a new model; luckily though, for those wishing to purchase a more iconic model, such as the GT40, several manufacturers around the world offer a interminable series of replicas of various kinds.

Usually, these creations are powered by a V8 engine installed to maintain the reputation of “powerful American cars”, but with the increase in interest in electrification and the cost of fuel, some consumers are exploring possibilities related to electrification. Adding a electric powertrain on vintage cars it is not a new concept; some tuners have already been at work, for some time, with important restomods able to combine the experience in electric with the prestige of a historic car.

Everattione of the most important protagonists of the scene, has recently started producing green engines for restomod based on Porsche 911. Now the brand, in collaboration with Superperformanceannounced that he had finished the before GT40 electric powered by a system a double enginenot unlike those found on modern cars, capable of delivering 800 horsepower and 590 Nm of torque. Weight information is unknown, but Everatti points out that the electric Ford GT40 is capable of burning 0-100 in just under 4 seconds; a shorter time than that obtainable with the original model powered by the 4.7-liter engine.

There is a battery on board 46 kWhliquid cooled, able to offer an autonomy of approx 180 km. To make the product more versatile is the possibility of combining AC and DC fast charging, as well as the presence of comfort and sport driving modes. Although the car shouldn’t make any sound, Everatti has envisioned an artificial system capable of emulating the melody of a V8. The frame is monocoque in steel while the suspension system includes components from Bilstein and H&R. Four ventilated brake discs with Willwood calipers ensure the restomod comes to a halt in no time to the bone.

Everatti GT40 is available on request and at the moment there are no rumors regarding the price; as for other solutions it is probable that the preparer asks, in addition to an economic outlay, the donation of the car on which the project will be based.