HUAWEI WATCH GT3 review what a BATTERY! and what a DISPLAY!

Great autonomy, nice display AMOLED, and versatility of use on smartphones Huawei, on Android, and even on iOS! Today I’m talking about Watch GT 3 and how Huawei continues to build its ecosystem without giving up.

The version from 46mm has a cash desk in steel with thick plastic back 11mm, a weight, excluding the strap, of 42.6 grams it’s a strap wide 22mm. Resistance is guaranteed up to the pressure of 5 atmospheres. Not suitable for diving but still designed for surface swimming.

I tried the version from 46mm with AMOLED display from 1.43 ″ and a resolution of 466 x 466 of excellent quality and always very visible, even in sunlight. Then there is the 42mm version with an AMOLED display but from 1.32 ″.

L’application is called Health and it is very well done. Precise and detailed in all the reports, from that of sleep to those of the various traces of recorded sporting activity.

The registration of the beat is not perfect but very good, just a little slow to notice the changes due to sudden efforts such as acceleration on a bike.

The good to monitoring from steps, stress, And SPO2, all quite accurate. It also monitors the temperature of the skin and atmospheric pressure thanks to the integrated barometer.

One of the things I liked the most is autonomy! I have detected 14 days of daily use with notifications, calls, and a half-hour of GPS every two days. With GPS it loses 3% every hour. Consumption rises by activating the always-on display and consequently, the autonomy is halved, in this case, 7 days.

One thing that hasn’t made me crazy is the do not disturb which can be entered manually or programmed at times, there is no possibility of having it activated automatically when sleep is detected.

The sport monitored are more than 100 and they are all monitored well. You can also go to customize the measurements to see in real-time during your activity on the various watch screens.

On smartphone Huawei and also on any Android it can be done either call that responds to notifications, on iOS no, just view them. To respond to notifications in reality at the moment you can only do it with SMS but it seems an update is coming to bring up the keypad and also write on apps such as Telegram and Whatsapp.

If paired with a Huawei or another Android you can download applications from App Gallery, which will not be many but are constantly increasing.

His price and of 249 euros that for how it is made, for autonomy, for the display they are there. I would also consider it on iOS since I find it stressful to have to load it every day regarding the apple watch.

Finally, I would like to point out the promo price of 229 euros until December 21 with free buds 4i, an extra strap, and 12 months of Runtastic when purchased on the Huawei store.

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