Hyundai Transys x Lineapelle and regenerative mobility

On the occasion of the 2022 edition of Lineapellethe Italian fair dedicated to leather goods from all over the world, Hyundai Transys unveiled a new concept seat for the mobility of the future, made with sustainable leather and new materials, following the theme of the “transition to regenerative mobility”.

Hyundai Transys is the affiliated company of the Hyundai Motor Group which deals with the design and production of auto parts; to accomplish this again CMF concept (colors-materials-finishes) of a futuristic interior, Hyundai Transys used regenerated materials putting to good use the collaboration with many Italian and Korean companiesand has even developed production methods for new ones sustainable leathers, which use waste from the tanning process and waste from the food industry. Thanks to this research into materials and their production method, waste can be greatly reduced, while carrying out an important work of upcyclingthat is the process that uses waste materials to create new materials considered more noble.

The main colors on which the concept is based are 2, and they take inspiration from the city of Milan and Seoul, in South Korea: the “Seoul Gray“Recalls the metropolitan landscape of the Korean capital and the granite peaks, while the”Milan Brown‚ÄĚRefers to the classic buildings and the historic Milanese tanneries. As for the motifs, on the other hand, also in this case two elements were chosen: the city of Seoul, with its multicolored lights, is represented by a pixelswhile Milan – and more specifically its most famous Gothic cathedral, the Duomo – is represented by some vertical lines.

Hyundai Transys x Lineapelle

In Hyundai’s idea, the cockpit of the future will be a comfortable and pleasant space to live in, an environment where you can dedicate yourself to yourself and your activities without having to worry about trivialities such as driving the car, managed instead by software. Of autonomous driving.

“When spaces for self-driving mobility become part of our daily life, the research and development of materials with the attention to eco-compatibility adopted for this seating concept will become more important for the future of mobility”, he said Ted-kyung Hong, Director of the design team at Hyundai Transys.