SentinelOne introduces the Enterprise Data Platform DataSet

SentinelOne presented DataSet, a Data Analytics solution resulting from the acquisition of Scalyr. DataSet is not limited to cybersecurity application cases, but offers a virtually unlimited Enterprise Data Platform to perform real-time data queries, analysis, insights and corporate data protection.

SentinelOne’s Singularity XDR platform was developed to enable self-defense against cyber security threatsaddressing the issue of cybersecurity as a normal data problem.

The data sets feed Artificial Intelligence models capable of instantly determining whether the detected behaviors are benign or deemed harmful. The individual data points, connected automatically, provide storylinecontextualized throughout the company, offering visibility and responsiveness.

EDR and XDR search queries define accurate data sets for experts, capable of detecting intrusions and prevailing over any attack. Each component of the Singularity platform of SentinelOne is based on the ability to analyze data; the path to building an automated and market-leading cybersecurity platform is enhanced by processing petabytes of data, growing exponentially and developing analytics in real time.

“To be effective, the cybersecurity solution must make decisions on its own in a split second, because every hundredth of a second counts. The way SentinelOne approaches cybersecurity with data has pushed us to go further, extending our expertise to a wide range of enterprise use cases, ”he said. Tomer Weingarten, CEO of SentinelOne.


Our customers have the same data needs as SentinelOne: we believe it is essential to be able to understand them and act quickly on all data sets.. We present DataSet because we believe that every company benefits from the ability to understand and act on their data. The immediate and efficient use of a data set is the key to making optimal business decisions “.

DataSet is a flexible, cloud-native platform for enterprise data processing: built for all types of data, current or historical, on a petabyte scale. By eliminating data schema requirements from the capture process and limitations related to query indexes, DataSet can process huge amounts of data in real time, providing log management, data analysis and alerts with speed, performance and efficiency unprecedented, anchored on security and privacy-first foundations.

With the announcement, SentinelOne has appointed Rahul Ravulur to lead the DataSet. The manager has over 25 years of experience in building and managing Enterprise solutions, and most recently headed the product division at Splunk.

Ravulur will coordinate the DataSet activities to accelerate its diffusion on the market with the main data-driven companies. “SentinelOne is taking an important step in expanding their data experience – to help all companies unlock the potential of their data,” Ravulur recalled.

“With the release of DataSet, we help organizations forget expensive and time-consuming legacy platforms that are no longer able to handle the scalability requirements of the future. DataSet is built for the future of insights and actions on data ”.