If you can’t see the Green Pass there is a reason: the site is down

Many have printed it because smartphones download, and then “you never know” anyway. Many have saved it in the gallery of their phone, so that they can reach it even without a connection. Also because the Green Pass (strengthened or standard, depending on the scenarios) is now used to do anything, or almost anything, with few exceptions.


In this moment, however, anyone who needs to redeem their Green Pass is in trouble. The site, in fact, is downand consequently the system in charge of managing the green certification is out of orderas evidenced by the screenshot you find below, but also and above all by the inconvenience that many citizens could experience in these hours.

In the current scenario, therefore, if you open the IO app to access your COVID-19 Green Certification you are greeted by an error message that reads “Your certificate data could not be retrieved – please try again“, and under “It could be due to a temporary problem).

We don’t know how long the problem will last: during the day we will update the article informing you about any (and desired) developments.